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Letter: Collins showed some nerve in his essay on tax reform

Collins showed some nerve in his essay on tax reform

I got a kick out of Chris Collins’ schoolboy attempt to sell us on Trump’s budget plan (“This is real tax reform,” Nov. 11, Buffalo News). He and his acknowledged wealthy donors already get millions in the pass-through advantages of their S corporations. These companies now will go from a real 15 percent tax rate to one of single digits, due to allowable deductions.

History and simple math have shown that this concept of corporate indulgence has virtually no impact on actual growth. Americans will continue to lose jobs overseas along with tax dollars in offshore accounts. Did Collins and other bigwigs give generous paychecks to workers when they hit it big, or did they build stadium-sized homes in Clarence, plus vacation villas in Florida?

Not mentioned in Collins’ piece is the deficit explosion that your grandkids will be paying off … while Collins’ offspring will be in their pool, swimming in the tax-free inheritance he gets for his family.

Wake up. You folks who voted for Collins because you have an “R” on your cap are getting the crumbs of this deal while the fat cats are getting grossly obese.

The final sentence in his piece sets the tone: he says, “Republicans want to give the middle class a bonus – enjoy it.” I’ve been in enough deals over the years to know that if anyone tells me to “enjoy it,” I get up and walk away.

I hope we get to tell Chris to “enjoy” returning to private life after the 2018 elections.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.


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