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Letter: Collins is not representing his middle-class taxpayers

Collins is not representing his middle-class taxpayers

Chris Collins, representative of my district in Congress, was good enough to publish his justification of the new tax bill. He is, as always, rough-hewn in presenting his case. That being said, the Republican agenda does not favor the middle class or poor.

It is good that he presents numbers, which we can verify over time, that people in Lancaster will benefit from a tax break. We will be watching to make sure these new brackets don’t consume the loss of the personal deduction and the income tax deduction. Supporting elimination of the income tax deduction surely does not seem to be representing his constituents.

What he also says is that there will be a large tax break for corporate America that will create more jobs. Does the country really need to be spurred with the economy flying along and unemployment at a very low 4.1 percent? Rather than the big tax cut for corporations why don’t we pass the tax cut directly to the middle and have the rich pay more? What do the rich do with more money? They keep it. What do the middle class and the poor do with more money? They spend it.

Mr. Collins does not address what will happen to the national debt, which will only grow. Nor does he address the elimination of the estate tax, which allows the wealthy to pass on their wealth to generations who have not earned it.

Giving the wealthy tax breaks is a retread of the old “trickle down” theory by which the middle class will benefit when the rich get richer and the rich then deign to pass on some of their wealth by spending on big-ticket items.

This doesn’t seem to be the way to spell r-e-l-i-e-f. Please represent us Chris. It is what you were elected to do.

Michael P. Maghran


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