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Letter: BMHA situation grows more difficult each day

BMHA situation grows more difficult each day

In response to former Commissioner Joseph Mascia’s call to replace Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority leaders, as a BMHA tenant I would like to add a few observations.

Two initiatives, a no-smoking policy and trash recycling, have recently been deployed. Tenants were given advance notice by mail, in English and Spanish, citing do’s and don’ts, rules and conditions, as well as penalties for noncompliance. While admirable on their face, both have been abysmal failures.

The green recycle bins are being used properly by some conscientious people. But these same bins are consistently overflowing with the nasty, smelly garbage that belongs in the blue totes. A question of not enough totes or not enough concerned users of such or some combination thereof?

The no-smoking policy began in an orderly enough fashion. Signs were posted to remind us of the 25-foot distance from which to smoke, and smokers were seen on the sidewalks observing this rule. But now that summer is over, the smokers are now at tables outside of their doorways or, judging by the odor in hallways and adjacent apartments, choose to remain indoors. How BMHA management planned to enforce this new policy remains to be seen.

One could argue replacing BMHA brass as a solution. One could argue a better informed and motivated tenant as a fix. I attempted to bring these issues to the attention of management and tenants alike through existing channels. Mr. Mascia can tell you what a futile and frustrating act that can be. My solution: I’m on the wait list for housing in the suburbs.

Roy Batty


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