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Letter: Kneeling in the name of democracy has meaning

Kneeling in the name of democracy has meaning

To carry on the fight against tyranny is duty. To use the tools that best get your point across in a peaceful, respectful manner is admirable. When the knights were “knighted” they “took a knee.” It is a sign of respect. When a man kneels to propose matrimony, does a woman complain that he disrespected her?

Today’s “point” is about police use of deadly force.

When police are licensed by society to judge and execute persons, due process is denied to society.

Europe in the 1930s and 1940s was brought to its knees by police turning on citizens. They were the tool of the authoritarian. It’s a betrayal, and those who support the betrayal are complicit in an attack on the freedoms that countless millions did and do strive to maintain.

Join players in “taking a knee;” is there no interest in maintaining this society? Do some think that by buying a ticket their duty and participation in the U.S. has been put on hold?

We have a responsibility to watch over the administrators, to protect the liberties of the democracy.

Please don’t bemoan protest. Be thankful someone is using the liberties that so many gave so much for. Participate and investigate. You will find that the “knee” is about your rights.

No one gave his life to fill a sports stadium, so protest injustice. Appreciate that someone is using the rights that were fought for by, yes, veterans, and thank you to all who have sought this goal.

Chris Weinert


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