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Letter: Citizens must make plans to guard against danger

Citizens must make plans to guard against danger

There is nothing that you or the government can do to prevent a crazy person from using a truck, gun, knife, gas or a baseball bat to endanger and/or kill you and your loved ones.

Question is, what do you plan to do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

When I’m out with my wife, who is disabled, or by myself, I am acutely aware of the possibility.

New York State law says that you must first attempt to retreat. What if there is nowhere to retreat to, or if you have a disabled person with you who cannot retreat?

I ask good guys and girls to think about this possibility.

In Erie County, it’s a long and arduous process to get the means to protect yourself, but it’s worth it to save your life and/or someone else’s. Unfortunately, that process doesn’t apply to the nut who plans to kill you.

Ronald W. Pokorski


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