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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Sean McDermott benches Tyrod Taylor for Nathan Peterman

Bills coach Sean McDermott said Sunday and Monday that Tyrod Taylor would remain his starting quarterback after a bad game against the Saints that dropped the Bills to 5-4. By Wednesday, McDermott changed his mind. Rookie Nathan Peterman will start this week against the Chargers, and Taylor will watch from the sideline.

"It is always and will forever, for the time that I am here, will be about becoming the best team that we can possibly become," McDermott said in explaining the move. "We are made for more than 5-4 and I've come here to be better than 5-4."

A "calculated risk": McDermott used the phrase twice Wednesday in describing the move. The risk, as Jerry Sullivan sees it, is that the move could cost the Bills a playoff berth this season while potentially setting them up better for the future. Was it worth it?

Tyrod's comments: Taylor didn't have to meet with the media Wednesday but chose to anyway. "I don't agree with the decision," he said. Watch his press conference here.

Peterman's comments: "I'm a rookie, so I'm sure the defensive coordinator will have something dialed up just for me being my first game," Peterman said. Watch his press conference here.

Players surprised, but unsure what to think: "I mean, he's a guy that has never played in the NFL, in a real game. So you never know," LeSean McCoy said. "It could be good or bad, you just never know." Said safety Micah Hyde: "I call him 'Nate Favre.' He has that gunslinger-type mentality. He's a confident guy, which is good. When you're a smart guy, you should be confident."

Mark Gaughan's analysis: A switch to Peterman could benefit receivers like Kelvin Benjamin, who need a quarterback to trust his eyes and make on-time throws. For all of Taylor's assets, he is still not an anticipation thrower.


Five things to know about Peterman: Nathan Peterman, born in 1994, is already married.

Add him to the list: Peterman's start means it's time to update the increasingly long (and sad) list of Bills starting quarterbacks over the playoff drought. The list now has 16 names.

Reaction: Buffalo Twitter reacts to the Bills' benching of Tyrod Taylor.

Gruden likes Peterman: ESPN analyst and former NFL head coach Jon Gruden usually says that he likes most players, but that even extended to prospect Nathan Peterman when they met in the offseason.

Good luck: As if being a rookie quarterback was difficult enough already, Peterman will have to play a West Coast game, which have historically been tough.

How have rookie QBs played this year? Rookie QBs typically struggle, and that has been the experience for most rookies who have played this year. But there was one exception.

Injury updates: Zay Jones was able to practice fully Wednesday. For the Chargers, QB Philip Rivers is still in concussion protocol but is expected to play.

What They Said: Transcripts from McDermott and Bills players.

Checking in with A-Lynn: Former Bills interim coach Anthony Lynn says he's where he wants to be with the Chargers.

Mark Gaughan's Big Play Breakdown: Watch for this twist stunt by Chargers Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram.

Mark Gaughan's X's and O's: Limiting the Bosa-Ingram duo is do or die for the Bills.

Wood, Bills raise money: Bills teammates helped Eric Wood raise $57,000 for Children's Hospital.

The Tim Graham Show: Richie Incognito hopes Peterman finds rhythm, lauds Roger Goodell.

Trivia: Who was the lead play-by-play television announcer for the Bills' AFL Championship games in 1964 and 1965 against the San Diego Chargers?

Watch: Our Team's Takeaway from the Bills' QB change.

Podcast: Taylor out, Peterman in.

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