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With 'reputation,' Swift breaks away from her usual offerings

Last week Taylor Swift released her long-awaited album, "reputation."

Her sixth studio album took three years to be released, the longest time she has gone between albums. Her usual cycle was every two years for a new album.

Swift stayed out of the limelight for year while working on "reputation."

In August, Swift deleted all posts on all of her social media with no explanation. On Aug. 21 she posted a short video of what looked like a snake. From there, she posted every day to reveal the snake.

Her first single off of the album, "Look What You Made Me Do," followed the videos, and sold almost 200,000 copies in the United States alone within the first 12 hours of release.

Although different from Swift’s usual music, it broke several records. The song, and later music video, mocks media outlets for how they have portrayed her over the years.

"I Did Something Bad," written with Max Martin and Shellback, is the song that made Swift realize the album is different from her last album, "1989," which is what she was trying to accomplish. After the catchy chorus, Swift includes vocals that came to her in a dream. After realizing how annoying they sounded, she wanted to include them in a song.

Swift released four songs before the album dropped, one of them being, "Call It What You Want." The song describes how she’s doing better than she ever has because she has finally found her true love, who loves her for herself.

Many songs on the album include this concept of finding a true love who likes her despite her reputation.

The last of the 15 songs on the album, "New Year’s Day," is an acoustic song, unlike the rest of the songs on the album. The song is played on the piano along with the guitar. The song describes who will actually stay after the party with you to help you clean up and be there with you even after everyone else had left.

Two different magazines were released as a Target exclusive including the CD and 72 pages of exclusive content. Swift decided to not release the album to streaming services for the first week of release.

Peyton Wagner is a freshman at Buffalo Seminary.


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