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Tyrod Taylor on being benched: 'I don't agree with the decision'

Tyrod Taylor made no attempt to hide his disappointment over being benched as the Buffalo Bills' quarterback Wednesday.

"Obviously, disappointed," Taylor told reporters. "I don't agree with the decision, but the decision was made and move forward."

Coach Sean McDermott announced earlier in the day that rookie Nathan Peterman would replace Taylor as the Bills begin preparing for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Taylor said he was shocked by the move.

Asked what reason McDermott gave him for the decision, Taylor said that was a question for the coach. The quarterback gave the same response when asked if he felt he was being scapegoated.

"Ultimately, Coach McDermott has a vision for this team, what he feels is best for this team, as well as the owners and the GM, so I have to move forward and continue to be the teammate and the leader that I am from a different role," Taylor said.

He was voted a team captain and said he intended to continue to be a leader.

"I got voted captain for a reason and those attributes that are things that come with me being the quarterback of this team (don't) necessarily fade away," Taylor said. "I'm still that same person, I have to show that leadership. I think now guys are probably going to look to me even more to see how I respond in this situation."

Taylor called Peterman a "great guy."

"Of course, he's still learning, but he's very talented," Taylor said. "And moving forward, I have to be able to help him any way, shape or form. I want to see this team do well, so I have to be there to support him."

He said he couldn't pinpoint any one thing that he did that would lead to a change at quarterback.

"You learn from playing," Taylor said. "We're 5-4. Things didn't go the way we liked in some of the ones we lost, but you've got to learn from it."

He said he remained "very confident" in his ability to prove he is a franchise quarterback, whether it's with the Bills or another team.

"Very confident in my ability," Taylor said. "I think I've grown as a player over the past three years and want to just continue to keep growing, whether I'm playing on Sundays or whether I'm learning right now. So I'm going to continue to keep growing and I have full confidence that I can be a franchise quarterback when the opportunity presents itself. I'll continue doing the things that I know how to do."

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