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Tim Graham Show: Incognito hopes Peterman finds rhythm, lauds Goodell (!)

Buffalo Bills guard Richie Incognito signed off his phone call this way:

"We're taking Peterman all the way to Minnesota, baby."

Incognito dialed up "The Tim Graham Show" on Sports Radio 1270 The Fan to discuss Wednesday's news rookie Nathan Peterman has replaced Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback.

Incognito also tripled down on his criticism of Thursday night NFL games and claimed autocratic NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "is good for the game" while predicting the NFL Players Association again will be overmatched in the next collective bargaining negotiations.

"As far as the CBA goes, I think that we got hosed the last time we negotiated," Incognito said, "and I think we're going to get hosed again as players. I think we're just going to be taken behind the woodshed again.

"Hopefully through the next CBA we can come out with some clear and concise plan for a lot of different things, suspensions, punishments, if Commissioner Goodell is going to give up some power.

"For me, if I was negotiating, I wouldn't give up any of Goodell's power. I wouldn't give up any of that. Kind of like a dictatorship, once Goodell moved on I think the NFLPA can be, like, 'Hey, you guys want to give up some of that power, so we're not fighting you in court left and right?' "

Incognito said he was pleased to see Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott on Wednesday withdraw the appeal to a six-game suspension.

Incognito lost a season and a half of his prime through the Miami Dolphins' 2013 bullying scandal, which looked like a railroad job by Ted Wells, the same investigator whose report suspended Tom Brady four games for deflated footballs.

"I've been in some of those rock-em, sock-em, duke-em-out fights with the NFL," Incognito said. "It's not always pretty."

Now back to Peterman and the Bills.

The three-time Pro Bowler took listeners inside the 8 a.m. meeting where Bills coach Sean McDermott informed players of the shift and the offensive line's approach to blocking for a pocket passer.

"It doesn't change for us up front," Incognito said. "We still have our pass protections. We still have all our stuff going. Blocking for a pocket passer like Nate or a guy like Tyrod, who has the ability to take the ball down and make plays with his legs, doesn't change anything up from for us. It's not going to change anything in the run game.

"I think for the offense it's a work in progress. It remains to be seen. Nate, his body of work in the preseason, he was efficient. He moved the ball well. He looked like he knew where he was going with the ball. But playing the preseason and playing in the regular season are two very different things."

Incognito, qualifying his assessment as theoretical based on preseason performances and "in a perfect world," mulled the difference he hoped to see with Peterman.

"I think it gives the offense some rhythm," Incognito said. "It gives the offense some short throws, some intermediate throws that are just automatic completions.

"That helps keep us on schedule in the run game, wide-zone game and everything that we're trying to do and hopefully the injection of Nate just really gives everything rhythm and this offense can start clicking on all cylinders."

Listen to the entire interview here:


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