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Mark Gaughan's Big Play Breakdown: Twist stunt by Chargers Bosa & Ingram

Not only are Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram elite speed rushers, they are versatile and are used in a variety of ways by Los Angeles Chargers defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. Both can bump inside to a defensive tackle position, and they run hard-to-handle twist stunts. Three of Ingram's 8.5 sacks this season have come on twists.

This was an 11-yard sack by Ingram (54) of Kansas City's Alex Smith (11) in Week 3. Bosa (99) took a step outside to make sure the Chiefs' tackle stayed with him then crashed the guard-tackle gap. Ingram flew around the edge. It was a third-and-3 play, and the running back was open coming out of the backfield. But Ingram is so fast, he was on Smith before the QB could react. Watch for some twist stunts by the Chargers Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

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