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Letter: Collins voiced his loyalty to his moneyed constituents

Collins voiced his loyalty to his moneyed constituents

Chris Collins, my representative in Congress, has actually said, out loud, that if he doesn’t support the new proposed federal tax law, his contributors have threatened to withdraw their support.

Can he hear himself? To whom is he answerable? To Big Money or to the voters of his district? The lie that the middle class would benefit from this legislation has been disproven repeatedly.

Benefits that help the middle class would have to be eliminated in order to reduce those taxes that are actually paid by corporations and the very rich.

Mr. Collins, how do you hope to be remembered, as a “profile in courage” or as just another greedy politician? Many people have put their faith in wealthy candidates, thinking that their focus would be on doing the right thing, and not on pursuing wealth.

Where do you stand, Mr. Collins?

Judith L. Bardach

East Amherst

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