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Did you know these famous authors have Buffalo connections?

All you writers out there, today is your day.

It's I Love to Write day, celebrated this year on Nov. 15.

No matter your genre of preference, you've probably experienced writers block. Get rejuvenated and motivated by looking at these recognizable names that hailed from your own fair city of Buffalo.

Check out these names and see if you're surprised by any:

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Long before the 2013 movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Fitzgerald wrote the novel "The Great Gatsby." But did you know the renowned author spent part of his childhood in Buffalo, lived at the Lenox Hotel and attended Nardin Academy?

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Tim Russert

A journalist and an author, Russert wrote an autobiography, "Big Russ and Me," with the title referring to his father Tim Joseph Russert, or "Big Russ." He also wrote "Wisdom of Our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons" with letters from people responding to the autobiography, talking about their own fathers. The "Meet the Press" host was born in none other than South Buffalo.

Nick Bakay

Did you know Salem Saberhagen from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" was a jack of many trades? Well, the voice of Salem is, anyways. Not only did Bakay write the show, he writes sports commentary for and, among others. Bakay was born in — you guessed it — Buffalo and attended Nichols School.

Mark Twain

Before he penned "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," Twain resided in the Queen City, from 1869 to 1871. Although he wasn't born there, he even owned stake in the Buffalo Express newspaper.

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