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Letter: Real basket of ‘deplorables’ turns out to be politicians

Real basket of ‘deplorables’ turns out to be politicians

Having endured another election cycle, coupled with observing the state of government throughout the country, has caused me to wonder who is actually in Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables?”

I submit that it is not any voter, regardless of which candidate(s) they support, but rather the politicians themselves. They are, by and large, contemptable people who have chosen a profession in which their ability to stay in office is directly proportional to their ability to lie, do nothing of substance and please only those who can best assist them in feathering their own nests, country and constituents be damned.

The fact that voters are not the deplorables in this scenario does not mean that they should be held harmless, however. Continuing to rotely participate in what is clearly a broken system suggests naiveté or gullibillity at best and obtuseness at worst. The notion that voting is one’s civic duty, a notion with which I once agreed, has been turned on its head, for implicit in doing one’s civic duty is the belief and rightful expectation that the government, i.e. politicians, will behave in kind. What a joke.

To all the politicians out there, a pox on all your houses. To those who continue to blindly follow these dishonest miscreants, I ask if you take comfort in proving P.T. Barnum correct when he prophetically stated “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

Joseph P. Brignone


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