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Letter: Political mudslinging still sticks post-election

Political mudslinging still sticks post-election

Prior to the election, I was bombarded with slick mailers from the Erie County Republican Party, and all warned about impending doom if the Democrats win the major elections.

They claimed that Buffalo would become a sanctuary city, respect for law and order would decline and there would even be more folks “taking a knee” against America!

Then I would turn on the TV and find the dark commercials lambasting Bernie Tolbert by saying he could not be trusted with women. This of course was apparently connected to Tolbert’s work in the NBA. The irony here was that Tolbert is a highly regarded FBI leader while Tim Howard kept dodging some serious issues like the 22 deaths of inmates under his watch or his claim he could selectively enforce gun laws and even his wearing his full uniform at a Trump rally.

Robert W. Snyder

Clarence Center

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