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Letter: Kulpa’s election offers promising Amherst future

Kulpa’s election offers promising Amherst future

There are two kinds of elections. Time for a change or more of the same. It’s the choice between business as usual or a vote for new leadership and direction. The selection of Supervisor-elect Brian Kulpa in Amherst is a clear vote for change.

The issues facing Amherst are not new. They have just not been addressed, satisfactorily or sometimes at all. Land use decisions made by appointed boards and the Town Board itself have been increasingly out of sync with the vision the residents have for Amherst, the place where we live and raise our families.

But add Brian Kulpa an architect, land use planner and green infrastructure professional on the scene as the new town leader and enter new ideas and a fresh approach. A Business First 40 Under 40 honoree this year, lauded by the Sierra Club, an award-winning municipal planner, Kulpa has a lot to do.

The self-described policy wonk is smart and personable, unflappable and reasonable, experienced and inclusive. Here’s hoping that he also has experience in resetting the decision-making pendulum that swings too often in favor of building more and bigger buildings everywhere in suburban Amherst.

Kulpa is the right guy at the right time with the right experience. He represents a new generation of leaders for the town and I for one am thankful he has opted to continue his work on behalf of the people as a pendulum balancer and an agent of change.

Michele F. Marconi


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