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'Prime soup season' stirs up business at Organic 3 Cafe in Amherst

Any mom knows how difficult it is to eat healthy, take care of a family and run a household.

For Kyle Orlando, add running your own business into the mix.

But when the business features healthy, organic food, it makes the health part a little bit easier. Orlando and her husband, Joseph, took over Organic 3 Café, at 4446 Main St. in Amherst, from the original founder in 2015 after working at the restaurant. Now, as owners, it’s a lot more responsibility, but they’re committed to serving homemade, wholesome food to the community. While bouncing their 8-month-old son Michael, Orlando explains how soup is cooking up business these days.

Question: What makes Organic 3 Café stand out compared to other restaurants?

Orlando: Everything is made from scratch – soup, condiments, bread - my sister makes all the bread. We also make fresh pressed juices with organic ingredients and smoothies. We have seasonal lattes made with organic milk, espresso, and we make the syrups in house. We do have gluten free bread, baked goods, and English muffins – there are a lot of options. We modify to meet peoples’ needs.

Q: People come here for avocado toast. Explain what that is.

A: It’s classic toast with avocado and toppings - we have a new toast every week. We switch it up. It’s very popular.

Avocado toast is one of the most popular items at Organic 3 Cafe. (Photo courtesy of Organic 3 Cafe.)

Q: How is soup stirring up business for you?

A: Right now, it’s prime soup season so I was just at the farmers’ market with my son getting supplies. We offer three soups daily – we always have poultry and two vegan. We recently had autumn minestrone - that was really good. Chicken lemon rice is popular, so are sweet potato jalapeno or beans and greens.

Q: How do you try to bring customers in at other times besides lunch hour?

A: It’s definitely mainly lunch, but we do breakfast wraps all day too. We get an early dinner crowd and people come in on their way home to pick up dinner. We also offer trays of wraps and sandwiches, salads and cookie platters for pick up catering. We get a lot of local businesses and doctor’s offices for that.

Q: Are you passionate about serving healthy food?

A: Absolutely. That’s what drew me to the place. At home, I eat healthy and exercise and try to live a healthy lifestyle so this wonderful.

Poultry soup like this chicken, kale and quinoa is always offered at Organic 3 Cafe. (Photo courtesy of Organic 3 Cafe.)

Q: Does that create challenges?

A: We use quality ingredients and they cost more than most ingredients that restaurants use and that’s where we struggle sometimes. We pay for quality ingredients and feel that it’s worth it and we feel good about what we serve because we know it’s so hard to find healthy food.

Q: What led you to purchase the café after working there with your husband?

A: When I first I applied as a prep cook, I had worked in the service industry and went to school for restaurant management, I said I eventually want to open my own place. My husband and I met at a restaurant. The previous owner offered us to take over. We were married and less than two weeks later we took the business over – that was two and a half years ago. It’s wonderful. It’s more responsibility, which we were ready for and we were ready to take the next step.

While the owners of Organic 3 Cafe would like to expand, right now they're focusing on their son Michael and their menu. (Photo courtesy of Organic 3 Cafe.)

Q: Are certain seasons busier than others?

A: Summer is definitely busy and we have a little patio, but with the soups that helps bring people in in the fall and winter.

Q: What do you have planned for the future at Organic 3?

A: Right now we’re looking to change up the menu a little bit. We have some thoughts of expansion in the future, but with an 8-month-old baby, we’re focusing on family now.

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