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Letter: Photos featuring smiling children lighten the heart

Photos featuring smiling children lighten the heart

I am enjoying my retirement years and am settled into my daily routine of morning coffee and morning paper, and occasionally mourning modern society.

Often global, national and domestic events can cloud my day as I read and witness the changes that are rippling through our world. Political and economic uncertainty, the generation gap and digital technology all seem destined to undo my optimism.

Some days I am reluctant to retrieve The Buffalo News from my doorstep. However, I’m glad I did not give in to the dark side on Nov. 9 and Nov. 10, for I would have missed two photographs that raised my spirits considerably.

On last Thursday’s outdoor page was 9-year-old Ty Nichols absolutely beaming with the catch of the week. And last Friday’s local news page featured the students of Maplemere Elementary school capturing an instant of abundant childhood joy.

Then with the opening of Oishei Children’s Hospital my dark clouds were blown aside with a gust of optimism. Perhaps I’ll not morph into a grumpy, pessimistic old man after all.

Sam Dutka


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