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Letter: Brazile unable to recognize irony and hypocrisy

Brazile unable to recognize irony and hypocrisy

Like virtually every other high-profile Democrat, former Interim Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile has a few ideas about what went wrong for the party in November 2016.

It’s hard to avoid her self-promotion as you channel surf these days. She is out peddling her new book, posing as an astute political strategist, which only goes to show that the current president isn’t the only person capable of a staggering amount of chutzpah.

In 2000 she was campaign manager for Al Gore, and has contributed her supposed expertise to the campaigns of Jesse Jackson, Walter Mondale and Dick Gephardt. Ever heard any of these people referred to with the word “president” before their names?

Despite the fact that she was, for a short time, “interim chairperson of the DNC” in 2011, she apparently didn’t hold the job long enough to derail the re-election campaign of Barack Obama, whom she now describes in her book as having a “titanic ego.” Ms. Brazile might consider applying for the job of “interim chairperson of the Republican National Committee,” since she shares with them an ability to take credit for things she never did, and at the same time an inability to recognize irony and hypocrisy.

On second thought, since our president is not a big fan of losers, maybe she shouldn’t bother applying for that job, either.

John Nelson


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