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What They Said: Bills-Saints transcripts of Sean McDermott, Tyrod Taylor, Kelvin Benjamin, Sean Payton, Drew Brees & more


Opening Statement: Okay, we’ll go ahead and open it up to questions.

Q: Well, Sean, I’m sure there’s not many words you can use to describe that one, but embarrassed probably is one of them. Would you agree?

A: Well, they beat us. Give them a ton of credit. They beat us. I got to coach better, we got to play better, that’s the obvious. This was not what we expected and we’ve got to take a hard look at things.

Q: On Thursday night, there were some excuses made. Ten days later, the defense did worse. How tough is that for you to accept as a defensive coach?

A: I didn’t catch the –

Q: How tough is it to see your defense play that poorly again with ten days rest?

A: Right. It starts up front. It starts up front [and] we’ve got to win at the line of scrimmage. That’s where this game is won, is up front. We’ve got to do a better job there.

Q: What do you think has gone wrong, though, up front? I don’t see much that goes on there but why are you guys getting blocked? It looks pretty easy when they chop up the middle like that.

A: Yeah. There’s technique, fundamentals, it’s always a combination of that. Effort. I thought the effort was there. The guys prepared all week long just like they have in the past. They prepared, they put the time in, and again, give them credit, but we’ve got to look at the tape. Hand balance up front in order to stay in your gap. The gap integrity, I’ve mentioned to you guys before. We’re getting knocked out of our gaps and then we’re not fitting the run all the time the way we need to. That’s where it starts, is at the line of scrimmage.

Q: What does it say about this defense when the Saints went for 24 consecutive runs in the second half?

A: Well, you take pride in what you do. We put a lot of time in. Those guys put a lot of time in. Obviously, they were in a situation where they could do that in the game with a lead like that and then we’ve got to stop it. There’s pride on the line right there.

Q: Coach, on offense, you guys got that field goal right at the start and it seemed like it was tough sledding the rest of the way. Did anything change on their part defensively that you saw?

A: No, not that much really. Again, give them credit. They did some good things but we’ve got to get into a rhythm. I thought we got into a rhythm in the first series and couldn’t find it after that. There [are] multiple things we can do better there.

Q: Sean, this team has gotten a lot of high marks on resiliency and character early in the year. Is this the biggest test they’re going to face now, coming back from this?

A: Yeah, you’re right. Yup, you’re right. This is, this is not easy to take. Not an easy pill to swallow, especially at home. Our fans deserve more and so we go back hard at work to give them more. We’re building and we’ve got to continue to be honest with ourselves when we look at the tape. Like I said before, we got out-coached. That starts with me and we got out-played. Got to take a hard look at it.

Q: What conclusions, if anything, were drawn from Nathan [Peterman] replacing Tyrod [Taylor] late in the game?

A: Well, I’m just going to evaluate Nathan’s play. I thought he did some good things. Moved the offense there. Obviously, got us into the end zone, so that was a positive.

Q: The crowd cheered when that happened so what possibility is there of Tyrod’s job being in jeopardy?

A: No. Tyrod’s our starter.

Q: Were you disappointed with returning [Charles] Clay and [Kelvin] Benjamin and not really getting them to the ball at all? You’ve got two weapons in there and really didn’t use them.

A: I thought we had Kelvin targeted in the first series a few times and the second play, I believe it was, of the game. We couldn’t get into a rhythm after that, to your point.

Q: You did only complete one ball to a wide receiver with Tyrod in the game. How discouraging is that? That was kind of what was happening real early in the year.

A: Yeah, we’ve got to take a hard look at it, just like [how] we’ve got to look at everything else. Got to be able to establish the line of scrimmage first. That’s where it starts, and whether you’re throwing the ball or running the ball, you have to have a good line of scrimmage from which to work from. Like I said before, that’s on both sides of the ball.

Q: What happened to Jerry Hughes?

A: He’s still being evaluated at this point. [It’s] still too early right now to know.

Q: Any key words you can give us from the speech in the post-game locker room? What did you tell them?

A: Just that we’ve got a certain standard. That wasn’t up to our standard. Really, that standard is not changing. It’s what we look every day to accomplish, is to play at that standard, to do our work at that standard and today was not indicative of the standard that we’ve set for ourselves around here.

Q: How difficult is it to come off of a loss like this and then have to play on the road twice in the next two games?

A: You take them one game at a time. One game at a time. You look too far ahead [and] you get yourself in trouble. The biggest thing, we’ve got to regroup. We’ve got to hit the reset button, regroup, and I look forward to doing that this week. We’re 5-4 and nobody said, like I told you before, nobody said this is easy. This is how you get tested in this league. We’ve got to hang together and get things corrected. Get things corrected and we’re building to do that. We’ve got to take a hard look at this film, learn from it, and coach better, play better, and most importantly hang together as a team.


Q: What happened out there, it looked like a disaster almost from beginning to end?

A: Yeah that pretty much sums it up. Horrible game. Our offense didn’t get anything going and that starts with me. Just an overall bad game. Something as a team we have to learn from. I definitely have to learn from this one. Just a bad game overall.

Q: Tyrod, you targeted Kelvin three times on the opening possession but then I don’t know that he had another target the rest of the way, how did you feel about working him into the offense? Was it maybe a plan to try and do it more and it just got away from you, or did you just take what the defense gave you?

A: It was part of the plan but it was also taking what the defense gave me. The defense started rolling towards him and some situations as well too but just a lack of execution across the board passing game, running game, like I said that starts with me.

Q: Quarterbacks watch each other a lot. I am sure you were able to sit there and watch Brees, you guys play a similar style. Is there anything that you learned today just from watching him? He didn’t have to throw the ball all over the place but he was in command.

A: Just managing the game. They converted a couple long third downs that were key to them sustaining drives. I’ve always been a fan of him, but as you watch him over his career he is pretty consistent. That is something I have to work to be better at.

Q: What was your reaction to when the crowd cheered when you were replaced by Nathan Peterman?

A: I don’t listen to the crowd.

Q: Third down, Tyrod, were they doing anything in particular there or was it just a plot of just some long down distance? It just seemed like third down was a struggle too today.

A: Yes. Some of the stuff we’ve seen on film but we also put ourselves in bad situations. A couple penalties early on in first and second downs. Also, just not getting moving on first and second downs put us in third and long. Gotta be better at third down for sure

Q: Sean said this would be your biggest test of resiliency, and character of this team, which you’ve had a lot this year. Would you agree?

A: Absolutely. Two tough losses back to back. We still sit 5-4 right now. As a team we have to regroup, refocus, and find a way to correct what we are doing wrong, bounce back. We know we have the talent to go out there and compete with anyone but it’s just about us honing in on what we do the best and going out there and making it happen.

Q: There have been times in the past two years, I mean you’ve heard it, people are looking for any reason sometimes to replace you. Are you concerned at all that, that is going to kind of restart, I mean it’s been quiet the first 7 weeks.

A: As far as people I am not really sure who you are talking about. I’ve never played for anyone other than my teammates, coaches, family. So other than that it really doesn’t matter to me.

Q: Did you object to being taken out when you did? I know it was late and the score was pretty lopsided but to this point you had taken every snap it seems.

A: That was a decision made by Coach McDermott. He thought that was what was best for the team, have to move forward from there. Obviously I was pissed at the performance or lack of performance I had and we had as a team. 


Q: You were 5-2 now you’re 5-4, you’re right back in the middle of all these teams. Do you feel like you kind of let something slip away here?

A: Well, it means that we lose games. Obviously you want to win them. I don’t know but the only thing we can do right now is fight and win games. We’re still in a solid position. So we’ll go out there and next week we’ll pick up a win. We just got to get one and let it keep rolling.

Q: Were you surprised at all just by how quickly it all slipped away?

A: Yeah.

Q: It got away from you quick.

A: Today, or just overall?

Q: Just today.

A: Right, like I said. I mean the first drive I thought we were about to really roll. I thought we could’ve run the ball well this week with the different plays we had. I felt real confident about it, I really did. But then like I said, the first drive we made some plays, and after that it kind of just went downhill, fast. As on offense, going up against another offense like that, you got to put points up and you got to have the long drives, and put points up. If you don’t, that’s what happens.

Q: How do you fix it?

A: Well, tomorrow we’ll look at the tape, learn from it, practice, prepare well, and look forward to our next opponent to win the game.

Q: LeSean, how concerning is it to have back-to-back performances like this that are so uncharacteristic of how you were playing the first seven games?

A: Yeah, this is not Buffalo football. Just all the penalties and so many mistakes, you know we haven’t been doing that. Maybe last year, or the year before that, but not this year. I mean, we are different. So we have to find a way to get back to playing Buffalo football, and we will.


Q: Your first game in a Bills uniform obviously not going the way you wanted to. How did you feel out there and working with your team for the first time?

A: I felt good. Very comfortable with the playbook. Just trying to play fast and with my teammates. Unfortunately it did not go our way. Will get the film, find out the mistakes from them and move on.

Q: You were targeted three times on the first drive and had one catch. Then it wasn’t again until much later in the game when the score had pretty much gotten away from you. Do you have any idea to as why the offense may have went away from you or the ball wasn’t coming to you for a long stretch there?

A: I think when we came out there on that first drive, we were more man and then they switched the coverages and started playing a lot of six and a lot of two. Just switching it up and rolling more to my side I guess. I think we tried to come out fast and we did. It just kind of slowed down for us.

Q: Would you like to see a little bit more of it coming your way after that though? Were you getting frustrated at all?

A: No, I’m not here for that. I’m here to play football and help the team win. I’m not trying to take all the targets. I’m not trying to do that. We have other receivers that can make plays too. Like I said, it just wasn’t going our way today.

Q: How much experience did you have working with Nathan in practice? He seemed pretty comfortable with you a bit when he got in there in the game.

A: Actually, I think I’ve maybe caught two or three passes from him, to tell you the truth. Like I’ve been saying, it was a big loss for us today. It was a personal thing. Everybody felt it. We’ll come back tomorrow, watch the film, and correct the mistakes. 5-4 is not bad as a record. We control our own destiny.


Q: Did they do anything differently schematically after the first drive, Richie?

A: No, we were prepared for everything that they did. Obviously we have to take a look at it on film, but they didn’t really hit us with anything we weren’t expecting.

Q: As an offensive lineman, is there any reason why more balls are getting batted down? It seemed like there were a few today. Is there anything that you guys can do or does it just happen sometimes?

A: Yeah, it just happens. When you’re doing a good job and you’re winning early in the down on pass protection, you have to fight to finish and get their hands down. So, it’s incredibly difficult, you know it’s kind of like a catch 22. You stone them at the line of scrimmage, but then they throw their hands up. It’s something that we’ll work on with Juan [Castillo].

Q: Do you feel like with these two losses now you guys have kind of entered the danger zone here? I mean, 5-2 was a nice start, but now it’s getting to the nut time now. Are you feeling like you’re in a dangerous spot here?

A: Yeah, you know it’s about that time in the season where teams start separating themselves, and at 5-4, we just put ourselves right back in with the rest of the pack. We have seven more opportunities to go out and earn as many wins as possible and try to get back in the win column.


Q: They had 24 consecutive run plays, and saw success. How frustrating is that for you, being a physical player?

A: It’s tough, like I said. But, at the end of the day, when you’re giving up rushing yards like that, it goes beyond the physical aspect of it. We’re in wrong places, we’re not where we’re supposed to be. It was an all-around bad deal.

Q: Coming off the Jets game though, the way – maybe emotion or whatever it was ­– maybe lacking a little bit in the beginning of this game. Did that surprise you from your team at all coming off of what was your first really bad game of the year?

A: I don’t think there was emotion there. We got off to a bad start, [it] snowballed. Like you said, we get beat physically, we’re out of our gaps, we’re not where we’re supposed to be. It just snowballed into a nightmare.

Q: The 95-yard, 10-play, all run, touchdown drive late in the game. Was that about as embarrassing as it can get?

A: Yeah, it’s terrible. The whole thing, sucked today.


Q: Can you just talk about the effort of the defense and what the Saints were able to do to you guys?

A: The effort was there. We just, again, didn’t tackle well. Couldn’t stop the run against a team like that with Drew Brees at the helm. They’re going to put up points, like they did. I don’t have no answer for you as far as what we can do. We’ve just got to continue to work and get back to the basics of every man being in a gap and making a play when they can. Guys rallying to it and knocking guys down.

Q: How concerning is it for this to go back-to-back?

A: You don’t want to start creating bad habits or start doubting yourself, and that’s what happens when games like this kind of go back-to-back and you start seeing a routine of things happening so we’ve just got to be professionals, look at the tape and correct it and have a better just total effort defensively in the next game. I mean, that’s the only way. You’ve just got to make the play. That’s what it comes down to.

Q: What is the emotional and mental state of this team right now?

A: We lost the last two games. Got whooped physically. I mean, I guess guys are disappointed, frustrated, but at the same time, you can’t let that affect you day-to-day so you have to get over it and move forward and just come out with better energy and focus for four quarters.


Q: Just speak on the defense’s effort today, what particular things stood out?

A: There’s no excuses, we weren’t good. They killed us in every single stat, everything you could talk about. We have to find a way to get better, or we’ll have five wins at the end of the year. We have to make a change or we’ll be 5-11, it’s that simple.

Q: Were these two games more of an outlier, or would this be a cause for concern heading towards the rest of the season?

A: I don’t know if it’s a cause for concern, but we have to fix it, or it’s going to continue to happen each and every week. If it happens two weeks in a row, something’s wrong. We have to go back and find out where we didn’t leave that, what’s happening, why we’re not making tackles, why they’re running the ball up and down the field, why are they catching the ball and people are running free? We have to find a way to fix it, or it’ll continue to happen.

Q: Was there one thing that stood out that went wrong today?

A: I don’t think it was one thing. Every play, they got what they wanted to do. Maybe we got a couple tackles for losses at the end of the game, but it was bad all-around. There’s not much you can say about it.

Q: What can you change now, nine games into the season?

A: We have to change something. I’m not sure what it is right now. We have to sit there and watch the film. Part of it is, wanting to stay in your gap. We all have to be better. I have to tackle better, we all have to do better for the defense to be better as a whole. It starts from the bottom all the way up, we have to get better.


Q: Last week, you could say it was just one game, just one bad game. This is two in a row now, how much more concerning is this one?

A: A little concerning. Obviously, we didn’t come out with the energy that we’re used to playing with. Simple as that. You can call it concerning just because we’re not playing our brand of football. It’s disappointing, we understand that. It’s embarrassing to go out there and put that on film.

Q: This defense has looked completely different the last two weeks, giving up almost 500 yards combined on the ground. What’s changed, is there anything you can put your finger on was you think has been different?

A: I could play better. I’m not really into talking about what anybody else can do and what not. I could play better, I could help this defense out a little bit, which in turn would help the team out. If we had the answers, we would have corrected it after last game, so it’s tough.

Q: [Alvin] Kamara was the focus early through the first half, and then they were exploiting in the middle of the field, then it looked like you tried to take that away in the second half. It seemed like that’s when Kamara picked it up?

A: They have two good backs, we knew that coming in. We knew coming in how [Mark] Ingram was going to run the ball, downhill. We knew how #41 [Kamara] was a huge factor in the run game, the bounce game, the screen game, third down, running routes. We knew that coming in. It’s just, we didn’t execute.


Q: I think the defense knew that it was going to be a challenge against Drew Brees and the Saints’ offense. Are you a little surprised at how today went though?

A: That’s a tough loss, especially in back-to-back weeks like that. It wasn’t us. It wasn’t us [in] back-to-back weeks, we have to find a way to correct our mistakes. I have to play better. It starts with myself, I have to play better. We all have to play better as a team, as a unit, as a secondary, we just have to play better.

Q: You say, ‘that’s not us,’ and it didn’t look like you guys until the Jets game. Then, the Jets game happens, [then] this game happens. What’s changed the last two games?

A: Nothing’s changed, nothing’s changed at all. We have to be more disciplined, [and] have to play better. [We] have to play better all-around. Like I said, starting with myself, I have to play better. There’s really nothing else you can say other than we just have to play better.

Q: How demoralizing is it though when an offense can essentially do whatever they wanted to do?

A: Yeah, you said exactly that. They were able to do whatever they wanted to do, [on] any down. It’s hard to stay in a rhythm as a defense. Like I said, it starts with me, I have to play better, and that’s it.


Opening Statement: [I] thought there were a lot of good things, obviously, in that game as a team. Liked the time of possession. A lot of the things we pointed out that we felt like we needed to do with field position both in the running game and depending the run, we were able to accomplish a good team win. Any questions?

Q: Arguably one of the most complete games you’ve been a part of?

A: I don’t know. It was a good win, so we have to take a peek at the film, I’m sure there will be some things that weren’t as clean as we’d like. Overall, the time of possession, our run numbers were – it’s a tough team to play here. Every week, I guess it’s up to me to worry and focus on the details. I thought our staff did a good job in the preparation for some of the things we were going to get from Buffalo. To measure it against other games would be a little early.

Q:  How instrumental was the 1st drive [in] the second half? You guys obviously deferred to the second half and that really seemed to put a stranglehold on it.

A: Uh, yeah I mean. Look, I thought it was important for us to score early in the game when they went up 3 and we were able to overcome a couple third downs. All those drives are important, and certainly when you start the second half and you have a lead, you want to make sure that you come back and try and build on that momentum, and fortunately we were able to do that.

Q:  Sean, did it kind of reach a point in the run game where you just said ‘We’ll do it until they show us they can stop us’?

A: It was also managing the clock, where we’re at time wise. The objective is to go in and - just being smart, but yeah, I mean if you’re feeling like some things are going. Towards the end of the third quarter, we had one drive where, you know, we had some good runs on them, so we tried to build on that and guys ran hard; guys blocked up front real well, too.

Q:  Yeah, I’m saying the pick, but beyond that, could you tell what kind of impact [Sheldon] Rankins was having interiorly?

A: One of the things we wanted to do defensively is try and contain Tyrod [Taylor]. He’s an exceptional quarterback when he’s outside of the pocket, and I thought we did a really good job for the most part of keeping him at that launch point. I’m sure when we have a chance to look at the tape, we’ll look specifically at the tackles. I thought it was a real good effort defensively; we did a lot of things well, but that would just be from an observation on the sidelines.

Q:  What did you think about his pick, though?

A: [I] thought it was good.

Q:  How did big were some of Michael Thomas’ catches in contested situations --

A: I thought he had a couple, and then Brandon Coleman had one big one on a third down. You know, they’re all specific to the situation, where we’re at in the game. All of them [are] important in keeping the ball moving.

Q:  Were you able to tell how the line did at all?

A: What do you mean?

Q:  The offensive line, just blocking and the running game.

A: My guess is [that] they did pretty well.

Q:  I know you want to watch film, but were you able to gather any impressions?

A: 300 yards rushing, that was the information I gathered; that’s what they did pretty well. I think that we’ll look specially, but, yeah, I think they did well.

Q:  What about being able to come on the road- look, they hadn’t lost at home this year. You guys obviously just -

A: I think, look, they’ve got really three losses in like three, four years here since 2014, so it’s always a hard place to play regardless of the team. This is a team this year, you know, playing with confidence. Sean [McDermott] does a great job. They beat some really good teams: Oakland, Denver. Our focus was really more about our week of preparation. I didn’t feel like the elements were that extreme, the wind was fairly calm, which in November is probably not the norm here.

Q:  Coach, I know you don’t like talking about these kinds of situations, but do you happen to have an update on Daniel Lasco?

A: I think all the signs are positive, his movement and everything. I think that that’s encouraging.

Q:  With the elements not being that bad, do you feel like the players take it personal when they hear throughout the week that teams of past may not have played well outside of the dome, and that coming into -

A: I don’t that anyone has said that as of late, because that wouldn’t be a local media story, ‘cause we’ve played well on the road. It might be the perception of somebody that’s unattached to any, like, factual stuff. I think it’s just a little cliché. I think we’ve played well on the road.

Q: On offense, other than making a commitment to run the ball better, what has really triggered this success for you guys?

A: There’s a number of things, I mean, we’ve got a lot invested in the offensive line. I think, although I can’t say we’ve been healthy throughout, but I think the runners and the time on task that we’ve spent in the offseason – look that’s the way the game unfolded. If I said to you, -- our plan was to come in here and try to – the game unfolded that way and so, let’s understand what that means. Time of possession and they’re a team that I think plays real good run defense, so I don’t know that I would’ve expected it to unfold quite the way it did, if that makes sense. I’m trying to be honest.

Q: Coach, did you see something on film from the Jets game that – because it looked like you did the exact same plays that the Jets ran last week?

A: No, we didn’t run the same plays.

Q:  Did you see something on film that showed you -

A: We saw a good game, but it wasn’t anything in that specific game. We’ve seen, obviously, all the tape, it’s an eight week study. They’re aggressive in their front. We got a couple different things that we didn’t see in the prior few weeks. My point to the earlier question was [that] we felt like we were going to have to work hard for rushing yards because of the way they deploy their defense. So, I wouldn’t have anticipated the result coming the way it did, and yet that happens sometimes, I think, in our game. You know, all of their big games were in the cut-up so when you study formations and you study how they’re going to play – this week, they played it different. They played Ramon Humber in some big nickel [packages], which is something they had done earlier in the season. Sean had some that before in Carolina with Shaq [Thompson], and our guys adjusted and we made enough plays to win.

Q: It’s been a while since you guys have had this kind of consistent success. How do you sense that the guys are enjoying this? I mean, they are all celebrating and dancing.

A: I think that the focus has been good. They’ve been able to get on to the next week and prepare. I don’t think it’s anything unusual.

Q: Sean, you mentioned the perceptions of both playing on the road and another one on the defense. Since week three, your defense has really turned things around from the last couple years. How do you attribute that?

A: Well hopefully we are playing a more complementary game. I know we are playing the run better. Typically, you want confidence, and you want to play with confidence, I say this all the time. When we’ve had some performances after those two weeks, the Carolina game and the game over in London really, I think, allowed us to gain some confidence. We played well, we took the ball away defensively and I think, like anything else, you have to demonstrate it in performance. Then you can start playing with it. So, I think, pointing to one specific game would be difficult, but certainly it’s begun to happen. I think we are playing better overall as a team. So, hopefully we can continue to do that and clean up some of the mistakes.

Q: With the way the running game and defense performed, does a win like this send a message around the league?

A: No, I mean listen. We’re nine games in. No one’s sending messages, we’re just trying to play good football. Anytime you win on the road, it’s a plus, and I think this is a tough place to play on the road. I think more importantly you’re constantly trying to send messages to your own team, your own players. But, they’ve responded well. We felt like we were playing a good team today.

Q: Sean, can you recall the last time you had a run team that was able to move, eight to nine yards at a time?

A: I’m not going to be able to reference a game. That’s just how the game finished, guys made some plays. You do this long enough, every once in a while you find yourself on both ends of this type of game. You just hope that when you retire you have more on this end than the other, but you’ll really have them on both ends. Thank you.


Q: You guys ran it well to say the least. What are your thoughts about the running backs and the line?

A: First of all, it all starts in front, and the offensive line did a phenomenal job all game long. We had so many long drives and we kept sustaining drives, driving from our end of the field to their end of the field, getting points. The time of possession was very much in our favor. We converted quite a few short yard situations, which was great. With both backs, I felt like we had such a great rhythm going with Mark (Ingram) and Al (Alvin Kamara). It was just efficient, extremely efficient. It really felt like we had a great tempo and rhythm all game long.

Q: Have you ever been part of a ten-play, ninety-four yard drive where no passes were thrown? You ran for a seven yard touchdown. You hurt the rushing average, you know that?

A: Did I? I’ll apologize to those guys. Well it’s funny, because I was waiting for the play call to come in, and we never really encountered any third down situations in that drive. We kept getting first or second downs, and we’re waiting for them to maybe make some shot or mix in something. We get down inside the ten yard line and he calls a pass play. It’s funny because in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “man, how mad are these running backs going to be? We’ve run the ball all the way down the field, and then we’re going to throw a touchdown to cap it off.” I tried. I scrambled around as long as I could to try to find somebody, and then all of a sudden I saw Terron (Armstead) kind of out of the corner of my eye just level somebody and clear the way. He made it pretty easy for me, but it was good, we got to actually cap it off with a rush. It just happened to be from me and not from the running backs, but everybody got their opportunities today and really did a phenomenal job. Mark, Alvin, and then Trey (Edmunds) there at the end getting that long run to break the Saints’ record, right? Most rushing touchdowns in a game. Just a phenomenal way to cap off a game.

Q: Do you feel like this team has a chance to be among the most balanced that you’ve been a part of?

A: Absolutely. If you look at our productivity in the run game, certainly the way the defense was playing, and just how complementary we’ve been, I think a lot of things came together today. We executed very well today. We still have blocking. We still have to find the holes. We still have to convert the third downs, keep drives alive, and be efficient in the red zone, but all in all, I’d say it was a pretty good day.

Q: How does it feel different for you when you know you have that running game to lean on and help move the ball?

A: I just do my job. I’m asked to be efficient as I possibly can. The completions are good, I convert third downs, and score touchdowns. You know, take care of the football. That’s my job. That’s always the quarterback’s job.

Q: What did you think of some of those Mike (Thomas) catches today?

A: He went up and made some great catches today - a couple on third downs, and one in a second, really long situation. He’s a guy I have a ton of trust and confidence in. He loves to be put in those type of positions, where he has the chance to just jump up and make the play. That’s Mike Thomas.

Q: How well do you think Mark and Al complement each other? They’re not a typical thunder and lightning kind of thing, but they just keep producing.

A: They’re both so versatile. Really, there’s not an element of this offense that you could say one is better suited than the other. They both can do it all, really, and it’s unique to have two guys like that. Regardless of the situation, we can plug and play. What’s fun is to watch one guy having success and the next guy comes in and he has success, and they’re both feeding off of one another. They’re both competing and yet, at the end of the day, they’re such a tight-knit group in that running back room. They both understand that they’re going to get their opportunities to help us succeed.

Q: Two games into the season, was your faith and confidence being tested at all, or did you think that this could happen?

A: I think we’d rattle off seven in a row, I’m not sure, but I knew that we were much closer than people gave us credit for. I knew that the tide would turn at some point, and I was hoping that it would be sooner than later. You just need a little bit of validation for the process, and for all the hard work and dedication that we all had put in and the expectation that we had for the season. We played two really good teams to start the season, Minnesota and New England. I think we felt like if we just kept plugging away, we were going to break the seal at some point. Sure enough, that’s what’s happened. I think even if we continue to get a little bit better each and every week, it’s still not perfect, there’s still things that we can clean up. When we walk away from a victory like today, where it’s a very tough environment to play against a very good team and to win the way we did, it certainly gives us a ton of confidence moving forward.

Q: After you studied up on the Bills this week, were you surprised to see the way you guys were able to break them down?

A: I didn’t think it would unfold the way it did. I’ve got a lot of respect for Sean McDermott and his style of defense and the players that they have over there. They’re a 5-3 football team, they were playing well. I know coming off of a loss Thursday night, they felt like they had that extra time for rest and preparation, and they would be ready to play us. We needed our best. We had to go out and execute it. We felt like we had a good scheme. We felt like we could just be efficient in the run game and get our opportunities in the pass game, but it felt like we were going to have to earn everything. I think we did have to earn everything today. It’s not like we got huge chunk plays all day long or kind of got lucky. We had to go out there and earn it.

Q: You said that we were just talking about a lot last year, you felt like you were close but what has been the difference this year getting going?

A: I think whenever you take success and you are able to do it time and again, it just builds a level of confidence and belief in the process and the system and in what we are building. I think that obviously we went out and made some additions through free agency, made some additions through our rookie draft class. Guys that contributed quite a bit. So add all that stuff together and maybe catching some breaks along the way, that we haven’t caught in a long time, a long time, that is resulting in wins.

Q: Drew, I am sorry if you’ve already been asked but what did you see on that touchdown run and how much more confidence is adding to turnaround the game?

A: Well, what I was trying to see was open receivers so that I could throw it to them but as I kind of made my way out to the left I felt to Terron who had been blocking his guy. He’s running with me and there is always that fine line of what would be downfield, right, so I am going to kind of stay with my quarterback and then I felt him just go. At fake one of the linebackers who was just starting to kind of feel like I was going to be a run threat. I felt like he just kind of leveled him and I thought, “oh okay, now it’s time to run.” So I was able to sneak in, plus I felt like I owed that to the running backs since they did all the work to, you know, run the ball down there. That we needed another rushing touchdown.

Q: Have you had a similar rushing performance to this at all?

A: As a team. I mean playing in games where we feel that we are efficient. Good on first and second down, rushing the ball, not sure yard situations but not where you just felt like it was 6, 7, yards a pop. I’d say that’s pretty rare.

Q: You guys did defer to the second half, how big was that touchdown coming out to really be able to strangle hold on the game?

A: Yeah, that’s big for momentum. I think just confidence, setting the tone for that second half. Everybody comes in at half time and makes adjustments. You know, certainly gives you confidence of, every time you touch the ball the expectation is move and we’re going to score.

Q: With what you are able to do with Alvin Kamara, how much does it remind of some of the same concepts of Reggie Bush?

A: Well they’re both extremely dynamic players. Guys that when you get the ball in their hands, exciting things happen. I’d say Alvin, his ability to step into this offence and we’ve asked him to do a lot of stuff and we are very multiple with the things we do from a personal perspective. Personal groups coming into the game, the tempo at which we operate and he’s in the back field, he’s in motion. It can be a lot and he is very intelligent guy who really works at it and sees, has a great vision for what he can be in the offense. He’s just doing his job.

Q: I know you got a question or two this week about winning on the road and I asked Coach Payton too about winning on the road, obviously since you guys have been here with the Saints, you are 6 in the NFL for road wins. You did well at road wins. It seems you have that national perception not being able to play in cold weather. Do you feel like going into a game like this that is you motivation and coming out with a win.

A: Every game is the next game and therefore the most important game. I think we’ve always prided ourselves on being able to go anywhere and give them a win. I think history will show that. Every season is different, every team is different. Just glad we were able to keep rolling this week and see the challenges only get greater as we move along.


Q: How does it feel to be a part of the most rushing touchdowns performance by a Saints team, and just the way the holes opened up?

A: It’s a blessing man. God is good man. We just had emphasis on committing to the run for a long time. We’ve been committing to it offensively, coaches as a scheme, players buying into the scheme, receivers, tight end, fullback, and all of the O-line are giving us some good seams to run through and we are just trying to make it happen.

Q: How much fun is it when you see Drew Brees and the third string guy gets in there?

A: It’s fun whenever we are scoring at will. We wanted to come out here and it was a good opportunity for our team to come on the road and get a big victory. Drew got a touchdown, AK got a touchdown, and Trey (Edmunds) got a touchdown and that’s what we work for man, everybody eats.

Q: It seemed like you were hitting the backside on a lot of runs.

A: It just depends on the team. It just depends on how they are playing it. They were strong on the front side and the back side of the line was blocking, cutting the back side off, and we were just getting some holes.


Q: Can you talk about this win, in terms of what you did defensively?

A: I don’t even know, what was there, sixteen defensive snaps in the first half? I was contemplating running extra half gas just to keep my conditioning. I think we came out and did what we had to do. I knew that Tyrod Taylor would try and scramble and we pretty much eliminated that except we got a little hungry on some sacks and he spun out and did exactly what we knew he was going to do. We kept him in the pocket and made him a quarterback.

Q: You guys held LeSean McCoy to 49 yards.

A: Yeah and he got almost all of that on the first run, right? The first big run that he had. That’s something that we’ve talked about eliminating - those big plays. We can’t have plays like that, that’s something that we will have to break down in the film and get better from. We have to find a way to get better with the Washington Redskins coming in next.

Q: What is like now to be a part of a consistently dominant defense?

A: What are you saying? I feel like 2011 and 2003 were pretty dominant years. Alright, cool. What’s important to me right now is that we are 7-2, honestly that speaks for itself. We’ve still got seven games left and we have to take care of each and every game. I’m looking forward to this next game because that’s what’s important.

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