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Remembering service members who died in Iraq, Afghanistan

Local service members killed in action in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Army Spc. Brian K. Baker, 27,
Springville, killed Nov. 7, 2004, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Aram J. Bass, 25,
Niagara Falls, killed Nov. 23, 2005, Iraq

Marine Sgt. Mark A. Bradley, 25,
Cuba, died June 16, 2011, Afghanistan

Marine Lance Cpl. Tomorio D. Burkett, 21,
Buffalo, killed March 23,2003, Iraq

Army Reserve Spc. Charles E. "Chuck" Bush Jr., 34,
Buffalo, killed Dec. 19, 2003, Iraq

Green Beret Army Capt. Andrew D. Byers, 30,
Clarence, died Nov. 3, 2016, Afghanistan

Army Staff Sgt. Shawn M. Clemens, 28,
Olean, killed Jan. 29, 2004, Afghanistan

Army Pvt. Charles S. Cooper Jr., 19,
Jamestown, killed April 29, 2005, Iraq

Army Pfc. Dwane A. Covert Jr., 20,
Town of Tonawanda, killed Nov. 3, 2007, Iraq

Veterans Day brings WNY's gratitude for those who served their country

Army Staff Sgt. Heathe N. Craig, 28,
Knapp Creek, killed June 21, 2006, Afghanistan

Army Reserve Lt. Col. Terrence K. Crowe, 44,
Grand Island, killed June 7, 2005, Iraq

Army Sgt. Jason C. Denfrund, 24,
Village of Cattaraugus, killed Dec. 25, 2006, Iraq

Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert V. Derenda, 42,
Cheektowaga, killed Aug. 5, 2005, Iraq

Army Spc. Alan N. Dikcis, 21,
Wheatfield, killed March 5, 2010, Afghanistan

Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Christopher W. Dill, 32,
Town of Tonawanda, killed April 4, 2005, Iraq

Marine Cpl. Jason L. Dunham, 22,
Scio, mortally wounded April 14, 2004, died April 22, 2004, Iraq

Army Pvt. David Evans Jr., 18,
Buffalo, killed May 25, 2003, Iraq

Army Ranger Sgt. Steven C. Ganczewski, 22,
Niagara Falls, killed Nov. 16, 2007, Iraq

Army Sgt. Cari Anne Gasiewicz, 28,
Cheektowaga, killed Dec. 4, 2004, Iraq

Army Spc. Brett E. Gornewicz, 27,
Alden, killed Nov. 3, 2012, Afghanistan

Army Cpl. Lorne E. Henry Jr., 21,
Niagara Falls, killed Feb. 27, 2007, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Christopher T. Howick, 34,
Hamburg, killed May 5, 2006, Afghanistan

Army Pfc. Albert R. Jex, 23,
Lockport, killed Feb. 9, 2009, Iraq

Army Spc. Timothy L. Johnson, 24,
Randolph, killed Sept. 16, 2010, Afghanistan

Army Spc. Jason M. Johnston, 24,
Albion, killed Dec. 26, 2009, Afghanistan

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Aaron M. Kenefick, 30,
Williamsville, killed Sept. 8, 2009, Afghanistan

Army Pfc. Travis C. Krege, 24,
Cheektowaga, killed Dec. 6, 2006, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Michael S. Lammerts, 26,
Amherst, died April 4, 2011, Afghanistan

Army Spc. Jeff LeBrun, 21,
Buffalo, killed Jan. 1, 2005, Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Howard S. March Jr., 20,
Buffalo, killed Sept. 24, 2006, Iraq

Army Sgt. James C. Matteson, 23,
Celoron, killed Nov. 12, 2004, Iraq

Navy Seal Lt. Michael M. McGreevy, 30,
Portville, killed June 28, 2005, Afghanistan

Army Sgt. David M. McKeever, 25,
Buffalo, killed April 5, 2004, Iraq

Army National Guard Sgt. Heath A. McMillin, 29,
Canandaigua, killed July 27, 2003, Iraq

Army Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Munden, 35,
formerly of Cheektowaga, killed Feb. 16, 2009, Afghanistan

Marine Lance Cpl. Eric J. Orlowski, 26,
Depew, killed March 22, 2003, Iraq

Army Cpl. Jacob M. Pfister, 27,
North Evans, killed April 19, 2005, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. Nicholas J. Reid, 26,
Brockport, died Dec. 13, 2012, Afghanistan

Army National Guard Spc. David L. Roustum, 22,
West Seneca, killed Nov. 21, 2004, Iraq

Army Sgt. Michael D. Rowe, 23,
East Bethany, killed March 28, 2006, Iraq

Army National Guard Pfc. Benjamin C. Schuster, 21,
Grand Island, killed Feb. 25, 2006, Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Timothy G. "Win" Serwinowski, 21,
North Tonawanda, killed June 22, 2010, Afghanistan

Army Sgt. Daniel J. Shaw, 23,
West Seneca, killed Nov. 5, 2007, Iraq

Marine Lance Cpl. Zach Smith, 19,
Hornell, killed Jan. 23, 2010, Afghanistan

Marine Lance Cpl. Aaron M. Swanson, 21,
Lakewood, killed Feb. 7, 2011, Afghanistan

Army Staff Sgt. David W. Textor, 27,
Randolph, killed July 15, 2008, Iraq

Army Special Forces Sgt. 1st Class Peter P. Tycz II, 32,
City of Tonawanda, killed June 12, 2002, Afghanistan

Army Spc. Blake D. Whipple, 21,
Williamsville, killed Nov. 5, 2010, Afghanistan

Army Sgt. Kevin White, 22,
Westfield, killed May 2, 2011, Afghanistan

Army National Guard Spc. Michael L. Williams, 46,
Buffalo, killed Oct. 17, 2003, Iraq

Army Staff Sgt. William R. "Billy" Wilson III, 27,
Getzville, killed March 26, 2012, Afghanistan

Army Sgt. Philip L. Witkowski, 24,
Buffalo, died May 1, 2004, in surgery for wounds suffered in Afghanistan

Marine Sgt. Frank J. World, 25,
Buffalo, killed April 1, 2010, Afghanistan


Non-combat deaths in Iraq

Sgt. Daniel Beard, 24,
Buffalo, died April 3, 2009, Iraq

Army Pfc. Patrick W. May, 22,
Jamestown, died Sept. 2, 2008, Iraq


Deaths, non-combat, training or civilian in other circumstances:

Capt. Robert A. Bager, 25,
East Amherst, died Sept. 21, 2005, training accident in Germany

Marine Sgt. Trevor T. Cook, 25,
Lyndonville, died July 6, 2011, in helicopter crash in Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Jonathon M. Cote, 23,
Amherst. Abducted in Iraq on Nov. 16, 2006; body recovered in April 2008

Navy Reserve Cmdr. James K. Crawford, 50,
East Concord, died Sept. 7, heart attack in Bahrain

Army Spc. Wesley Gordon, 20,
Belfast, died April 19, 2005, during training at Fort Riley, Kan.

David Hillman, 60,
formerly of Buffalo, killed by suicide bomber Feb. 7, 2011, Afghanistan

Army Spc. 4th Class David Iszkiewicz, 25,
Allegany, died Feb. 5, 2003, from illness contracted in Afghanistan

Army Sgt. Shaina B. Schmigel, 21,
Medina, died May 30, 2014, in paratrooper training exercise at Fort Bragg, NC.

Staff Sgt. Mark A. Spence, 24,
Clarence, died Nov. 8, 2007, helicopter crash in Italy

Nicholas Alan Warden, 29,
Depew. Killed fighting Islamic State in Syria July 7, 2017.

Army 2nd Lt. Jordan D. Bunker, 24, North Tonawanda.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Kevin S. Casey, Hamburg.

Navy Lt. Cmdr. Joseph M. Clunie, 35, Kenmore.

Army Staff Sgt. Scott A. Coe, 37, Sanborn.

Air Force Master Sgt. John J. Colpoys Jr., 39, West Seneca.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Nathan A. Dolson Jr., 49, Niagara Falls.

Air Force Tech Sgt. Joshua D. Grotke, 38, Hamburg.

Army Pfc. Christopher K. Heinz, 25, Lockport.

Marine Lance Cpl. Richard D. “Ricky” Jones, 20, Niagara Falls.

Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael A. Klose, 24, Dunkirk.

Army Capt. John J. Levulis, 25, Eden.

Army Spc. Ian Patrick Morgan, 28, Kenmore.

Air Force Tech Sgt. William C. Sager Jr., 28, Silver Creek.

Army Spc. Austin J. Sampson, 25, Letchworth.

Army Sgt. John “Jay” Shepherd Jr., 30, Buffalo.

Air Force Capt. Jenna Lee Sielski Wilcox, 27, Glenwood.

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