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New York took its time in coming out with new academic standards, study finds

New York State has had the longest and most comprehensive review of learning standards of all the states that are reviewing academic standards, according to a study by High Achievement New York.

New York also has the longest implementation timeline, with full implementation, including assessments aligned to the standards, set for  the 2020-2021 year.

The group's report, "Much Ado, The Cost and Chaos of Repealing Common Core Vol 2," compares states that have revised or are in the process of revising the Common Core standards. It found that 41 of the 45 states that initially adopted Common Core have kept their standards close to the national standards, including New York.

New York's Next Generation Learning Standards "continue the high expectations of Common Core without the political baggage of the name," said Stephen Sigmund, executive director of High Achievement New York.

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