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Letter: Too much smartphone time lessens real experiences

Too much smartphone time lessens real experiences

Are you constantly running around the house, looking for your phone? Well, I am. I’ll admit that I spend at least four hours a day using an electronic device. I text a couple of friends in the morning, Snapchat throughout the day and lurk on Vine before bed.

Why is it that the sound or vibration of a phone triggers an individual to stop what he/she is doing and check the alert? Those couple seconds taken to look at a notification lead to minutes wasted, sacrificed in replying. This adds up, evolving into hours lost.

Is texting a friend more important than sleep? Is an Instagram post going to help in the future? How about that Facetime call? Will it leave the individual with a feeling of happiness? Is staring at a friend through a phone screen more essential than studying for that exam that can alter the semester’s grade? The answer is no. Sleep is necessary. That Instagram post will not help in the future, and studying must be put before facetiming.

Phone use must be limited. We should work around phones, and rely less on them. We need to go back to communicating in person and help this broken generation I am part of. For example, when traveling out of state, I don’t want boredom to overcome me because my companions are lost on their phones. I need lively people to dance with, tell stories to, share snacks with and laugh at during my road trips.

Deanna Shpakovsky


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