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Letter: Players have a right to kneel during anthem

Players have a right to kneel during anthem

In response to the Nov. 2 letter, “Disrespect shown to flag is a slap in the face to vets,” the writer states that as a two-year veteran, he feels that NFL players kneeling during the national anthem is a slap in the face towards him and other service members.

The writer should go back and re-read his Oath of Service.

He will see that in swearing to defend the U.S.A. along with all the rights afforded by the Constitution, what the players are doing is covered as a right.

The Constitution protects the right to stand with your hand over your heart or kneel quietly while the anthem is played.

All the players, if asked, will tell you that they have no problem whatsoever with our flag or the military. Their problem lies with the state of affairs of the country that flag and anthem are supposed to represent.

As for decrying the NFL for its handling of it, unless specifically forbidden or covered in a morality clause that the players have willingly signed, what can the management do? There is a union protecting the players to boot. Besides, who are we to demand the NFL do anything? You can’t, for example, demand that IBM start enforcing a “you can only wear red shirts on Friday” rule. Before you say it, yes, it is the same thing when dealing with the professional workplace environment.

Calm down. I don’t agree with the kneeling either, but it’s their right, and by serving you’ve ensured that right.

Matthew Heppner

4 year Army Veteran


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