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Letter: Uniform color is unsuited to Children’s Hospital

Nurses’ uniforms unfit for children’s hospital

The amazing renaissance of the City of Buffalo is being enhanced by the opening of the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital. Two recent Buffalo News articles were most positive about the state-of-the art building. The art part seems to hold center stage in the decor of the interior spaces. This is most wonderful given all of the positive studies that have shown results in the use of art in child therapies and positive healing.

However, I question the upcoming January plan for the 700-plus nurses to wear drab, graphite-gray uniforms. The color gray in itself is dull, dreary and dismal. Where is the warmth to a sick young patient meeting a gantlet of severe gray? The present style of cheerful and colorful character scrub tops and jackets allows for youngsters to feel less threatened and more comfortable with a caregiver in a strange new setting.

This dress code seems to emanate from one of the planners who has a military background, not a person who believes that art and color go hand-in-hand as a proven therapeutic tool. If the idea is to identify a nurse, have them wear a signature bracelet made up of the primary colors and made from a recycled product. What a creative solution.

Away with the gray skies, continue to offer pictures of the sun, rainbows and stars. I urge the Oishei “powers that be” to reconsider and dump this ignorant and absurd clothing idea.

Jacquie Lodico


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