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Letter: Let’s be thankful to veterans for safeguarding the nation

Let’s be thankful to veterans for safeguarding the nation

This Thanksgiving, I will thank God for all those veterans who served our country and suffered for my freedom.

We as a people cannot and must not forget those brave warriors, some of whom still suffer physically and mentally from the wounds of war.

Three of my uncles served in World War II. One received the Silver Star; another was 45 feet away when the Marines raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Three of my cousin served in Vietnam and the Persian Gulf.

My grandson began the practice of thanking veterans who wear caps designating the war they fought in. He is only 12 years old. Yet, PresidentTrump said Sen. John McCain is not a hero because he was captured, he criticized a Muslim mother whose son sacrificed his life for his comrades and recently offended the wife of another soldier killed in combat.

He never served and yet he can insult our brave warriors. Rather than give the rich tax breaks, we should put more money into the care of our veterans. The suicide rate among them is high, and we need more outreach. This is a moral imperative as President Lincoln stated in his second inaugural address: to care for the widow and orphan. This is the best way we can thank our warriors for their service.

Yes, honor those who fought, bled and suffered to keep us free and safe, and at the same time care for them. Thank you and God bless you: our heroes, our veterans.

Joseph W. Strychasz, LCSW


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