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Letter: America’s priorities need to be reordered

America’s priorities need to be reordered

Homo sapiens is the only species ever created on this earth that has the ability to destroy our host planet, and that’s the one thing for which we are doing a good job.

America’s priorities are mangled. It costs a million dollars or more for a 30-second commercial at the Super Bowl, but have a home-grown terrorist kill and injure a bunch of people, and ISIS gets three or more days of constant advertising.

In the latest incident in New York City, all news channels, financed by commercial interests, were locked in step repeating over and over the same statistics that we have been hearing after every other similar incident. Officials stand at the dais defiantly confirming their resolve that the terrorists will never change America’s ability to practice her freedom. This bravado offers little comfort to the families of the victims. These same officials call the terrorists depraved cowards and spew their condemnation upon them. I’m sure the members of al-Qaida and ISIS are wracked with guilt and bow their heads in shame. Get real! They are laughing at us.

The news stations are actually complicit in furthering the goals of radical Islam by reporting that the terrorists shout out “Allahu Akbar” after their despicable acts. Each time they repeat the phrase it counts as honoring Islam!

Why do they hate us? Let’s see: after California nearly burned down, after Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico were devastated by hurricanes, after the earthquakes in Mexico, and while the opioid epidemic continues to take lives, the stock market is rocketing to record levels. It seems that the success of the market is inversely proportional to the welfare of the less fortunate who are labeled as lazy users when they apply for food stamps; pure hypocrisy!

It seems that America has no clothes.

Robert J. Wegrzynowski


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