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John Murphy Show: Greg Cosell chatted about the key ingredients to the Saints' win streak

NFL Films' Greg Cosell joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Friday.

Cosell chatted about the key ingredients to the Saints' win streak, the importance of Kenny Vaccaro to the Saints big nickel defense, Alvin Kamara's emergence, and a look around the big games of the weekend - most notably what needs to be done in Green Bay to make their offense more Brett Hundley friendly.

Former Saints running back and Saints radio color analyst Deuce Mcallister joined the show to discuss the upcoming match up with the Bills, the experience of Brees in the Payton offense (with his knowledge firsthand being a key factor) and the growth of the Saints' defense. Mcallister also discussed what the loss of Kenny Vaccaro to the defense could mean in Buffalo as well, given the Saints' win streak relying on a balanced team.

Bills radio color analyst Mark Kelso also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about restricting Drew Brees rather than stopping him and how the Bills can prove they're for real with a victory. Kelso went in depth into the influence and replace aspect of the Saints' routes, and what it will take on offense to keep the stingy Saints defense off kilter.

'The Lo Down' with Lorenzo Alexander finished the show, with Alexander's weekly spot focusing on the Saints potential reaction to the cold of Buffalo on Sunday, the proliferation of fights in the NFL last week - and the suspensions and fines that can result from them, the best trash talker he's ever gone against, controlling the Saints tempo and how the Bills offense can help control the clock.


John Murphy Show November 10th 2017


Mark Kelso: "Everyone has been talking about, 'are the Bills for real?' - and if they beat this team they can check that box."

Mark Kelso: "This is an influence and replace offense - that means if they see it's zone they're going to put someone in the spot to influence the zone defender and have someone else replace've got to force them to move and disrupt their timing for you to be successful."

Greg Cosell: "They've changed their offense quite a bit, they're much more balanced...they're a nickel defense almost all the time."

Deuce Mcallister, on the Saints using street free agents in their defense: "For the most part, the Saints had two undrafted free agents playing in their two deep...Kenny's ability to play the slot receivers"

Deuce Mcallister: "If you're the Saints, you have got to figure out how to score points. From the Saints' perspective, you gotta figure out how you can get 10-14 points in the first quarter...if they lose the turnover battle in Buffalo, they're going to lost that game."

Lorenzo Alexander, on Lee Smith's penchant for after whistle shenanigans: "Him and KO - that's how they play. They got me a little bit."

Lorenzo Alexander, on the Saints' shifts: "They do all the shifts and motions and end in the same set...they get rid of indicators that allow you to play fast and aggressive."

Lorenzo Alexander: "The key is to get them to start second guessing their plans...trying to get to the ball, whether it's screens or running game and that gets them to slow down and allow us to play downhill."

Lorenzo Alexander, on the struggles defensively last week in terms of tackling: "Going back and watching the film, it wasn't as bad as it felt on the sidelines...what it comes down to having great fits and making sure the first guy goes in to secure the tackle."


9:00-26:00: Which Bills player will have the biggest impact in the game Sunday?

34:00-47:00: Interview with Bills color analyst Mark Kelso

1:02:00-1:24:00: Interview with NFL Films' Greg Cosell

1:3:00-1::00: Interview with former Saints running back Deuce McAllister

2:07:00-2:24:00: 'The Lo Down' with Lorenzo Alexander

2:37:00-2:41:00: Coffee with the Coach with Chris Brown and Sean McDermott

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