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This Day in Bills History, Nov. 10: 'Kiicking' a win away

Nov. 10, 1968 – The Buffalo Bills had a 17-0 lead over the Miami Dolphins at halftime on this day. What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, as it turned out. After all, it was 1968, a bleak year in team history.

The Bills looked poised to pick up their second win of the season after playing a solid opening half. Bob Cappadona ran 33 yards for one score and caught a pass from Kay Stephenson for another. The defense held up its part of the bargain in the first half, too.

Miami finally got on the scoreboard in the third quarter. Bob Griese ran 13 yards for a score. Griese added to the discomfort of Bills fans by throwing a touchdown pass to Karl Noonan in the fourth quarter, tightening the score to 17-14.

By then, all of Western New York was wondering how this one would get away. Jim Kiick gave the Dolphins the win with a 4-yard scoring run. The 21-17 Miami win lowered the Bills record to 1-8-1.

Budd Bailey is a retired sports reporter and editor at The Buffalo News. He is also the author of "Today in Buffalo Sports History." Learn more about the book here.

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