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Letter: Postal clerks deserve respect from customers

Postal clerks deserve respect from customers

Recently I stood in line and witnessed many rude and impatient customers at my post office who appeared to intentionally task the patience of postal clerks they view as low-level employees hired to serve them.

I witnessed customers who were unprepared when they stepped to the counter. Their address label had not been completed, wrong ZIP code, items not properly packaged and wrapped, lacked the sufficient funds to pay for their purchase, nonstop whining about the cost to ship a package, ridiculous questions referring to why they were not permitted to mail prohibited items.

Another customer was unable to decide which stamp to select because he was overwhelmed with too many choices, a young couple stood in line partly dressed in pajamas while flossing their teeth, another gentleman spoke loudly on his bluetooth while impatiently waiting his turn in line while being served, then placed his tiny yelping dog on the counter without shame and proceeded to complain to the clerk about having to wait his turn in line because he was in a hurry.

Over the years I’ve experienced the postal employees to have been patient, polite, professional and downright friendly. Try smiling, be patient while waiting in line, say something nice to him or her and watch what happens!

Joe Cyran

West Seneca

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