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Letter: Buffalo should prepare by using renewable energy

Buffalo should prepare by using renewable energy

Last night, my friend from Puerto Rico sighed as she explained that her family is still without power or running water in their small town.

She sent them dried food and batteries after Hurricane Maria hit, but they still have not received anything.

In September the hurricane plunged Puerto Rico into darkness, and 80 percent of the country still has no electricity.

It made me think about how resilient other communities throughout the United States would be if there was a mass power outage? Would we be prepared here in Buffalo?

My friend and I discussed solar panels and the feasibility of living off the grid. I realized I have little understanding of where the energy comes from that powers my apartment.

When I come home, I take for granted switching on my room light. It is something so automatic I cannot imagine living without it for over a month. Electricity powers the spark for our heat. It is integral to our survival.

I think Buffalo should consider installing more clean energy sources and batteries for our homes to be energy independent and free from fossil fuels.

For instance, a utility company in Vermont has installed solar panels and batteries to help people live off the electrical grid. If we use microgrids and batteries, we can bounce back more easily from the shock of a future catastrophe. Are we prepared?

Margaret L. McKenzie


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