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Letter: Bliss cartoon does not demean senior citizens

Bliss cartoon does not demean senior citizens

A new wave of “what?” hit me when I read the Nov. 7 letter about the Bliss cartoon “The Walk of Shame.” The writer thinks that the “shame” part is about the use of walkers and wheelchairs. Apparently, he never had children – or grandchildren – who could explain this to him.

The walk of shame is a term applied to the person who leaves the home of the person they spent the night with dressed in the same clothes they had on the night before. It was cute, an elderly person leaving the room of another elder after spending the night together.

People don’t associate “The Walk” with people of a certain age and the cartoon points out that the need for physical contact doesn’t stop with the advance of time for many people.

Cartoons published in The News are not meant to be offensive, but to make us laugh or think. And sometimes political cartoons make us angry as evidenced by people who write to reject the work of Michael Ramirez and his ultra-conservative views.

But stop looking for things to be upset about in the art of conveying humor through pictures.

Becky Arcese


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