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John Murphy Show: 'I've never liked these Thursday night games,' says Ruben Brown

Former All-Pro Bills and Chicago Bears guard Ruben Brown joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Thursday.

Brown eagerly discussed his biking habits changing with the weather, Pitt showing surprising signs of life, Chicago's chances against Green Bay, rivalries in Buffalo versus Chicago, getting the run game fixed in Buffalo, the perils of playing on Thursdays and how an offensive lineman bounces back from such a loss.

Bills insider Chris Brown opened the show with an update on Zay Jones and Cordy Glenn, the progress of Kelvin Benjamin in terms of integrating into the offense, Dion Dawkins' potential to start for a fourth game, and the availability of E.J. Gaines for the defense on Sunday.

NFL Network's Kim Jones joined the show to discuss the collapse by the Bills versus the Jets, the play of Josh McCown, the future of quarterback play with regards to the NFL Draft and the best teams currently in the NFL.

Former Bills running back Antowain Smith also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about Buffalo food versus New Orleans food, playing surrounded by luminaries in Buffalo, and his view of the Homerun Throwback game.

Finally, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier joined in to discuss the brilliance of the Saints' screen game, the phenomenal play of Drew Brees, how the Bills get sacks this week, where Frazier feels the teams' pressure is at during thus far this season, the lack of tackling versus the Jets and his thoughts on Tre'Davious White.


John Murphy Show — Nov. 9, 2017


Chris Brown on Kelvin Benjamin's potential reps on Sunday: "I'm not sure if this is a guy that's ready to play 60, 65 plays — maybe it's a package or 40-45 plays."

Kim Jones: "I was surprised — I didn't know the Jets had a game like that in them. And I didn't anticipate that game from the Bills ... Thursdays are Thursdays in the NFL and often the home team wins and they are ugly and it got ugly for Buffalo."

Kim Jones on the play of Josh McCown: "He's been good, he's been really good. He's been a mentor."

Kim Jones on one of the best teams in the NFL: "The Eagles are a team that can pressure you from any level. And Carson Wentz is outstanding."

Ruben Brown on the Bears-Packers rivalry: "Yeah, I felt it. And I'm a student of the game and I know the significance of Soldier Field, Lambeau Field."

Ruben Brown on playing on a short schedule: "I've never liked these Thursday night games — Thursday nights are for college, you play on a Monday and Sunday. Thursday you can wear down, it can be a fatigue factor — mental or physical ... that definitely shows in the Bills."

Ruben Brown on how to respond after a loss like the Jets as an offensive lineman: "It's on the player to self evaluate ... so that's what you would do as a professional and then you would pray that your staff, your brain trust are going to evaluate themselves."

Ruben Brown on Dion Dawkins: "Each time he's stepped in, he's done a solid job I think for a young player ... I think that the coaching staff have confidence in the young man that's going to replace Cordy and that goes a long way for a player."

Antowain Smith: "I was a big back — what you see is what you get, didn't have a lot of wiggle ... I was still faster than Ruben. I was a big back that wasn't going to bounce it outside ... I was going to hit the hole where it was designed to go."

Leslie Frazier: "They do a great job of treating the screen like an offensive run."

Leslie Frazier on Drew Brees: "He's outstanding, a future Hall of Famer to be sure. Seems like he gets better as he ages ... you much rather watch him against other teams than against your team ... his accuracy is second to none."

Leslie Frazier: "We have a plan and hopefully our plan will work. Sometimes, the sack isn't what will do it, it's getting him off his spot. He wants to plant and throw — but we want him to hitch. Our defensive front is going to have to get a good push in the middle of the pocket."

Leslie Frazier on pass rush this season: "That's an area we want to get a little better at. In this second half, we want to be better with our four man rush ... in our league if you don't do that it creates problems for the pass coverage."

Leslie Frazier on the Jets game: "Our tackling was really bad, for whatever reason. We look to get back to tackling this Sunday."

Leslie Frazier on Tre'Davious White: "He's made so many big plays for us in this first half of the season ... we try to encourage him in that way, but he's a guy with a lot of pride and it bothers him when someone makes a catch. But you gotta have a short memory and he's learning that."


3:00-16:00: Chris Brown on-site practice report

18:00-27:00: What is the best way for the Bills to handle the Saints?

33:00-46:00: Interview with NFL Network's Kim Jones

1:06:00-1:22:00: Interview with former All-Pro Guard Ruben Brown

1:33:00-1:46:00: Interview with former Bills and Pats running back Antowain Smith

1:53:00-2:06:00: Interview with Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier

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