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Ballerini gets personal on sophomore album

Kelsea Ballerini’s sophomore album, "Unapologetically," which was released last week, covers all topics from a major breakup to her career taking off.

The album consists of 12 country songs, four of which were released before the album came out.

Her latest release, "Miss Me More," tells a story about what it’s like after breaking up with someone. She feels as if she would miss him, but in fact, she ends up realizing she misses herself more. She notices she stopped doing things she loved because of him and missed that part of her that she lost. In the second verse, Ballerini sings about listening to the songs she used to love before he came into her life.

In June, Ballerini released the song "Legends," the first release from "Unapologetically." She explained that the song was about her journey and a song for her fans.

The sixth song on the album, "In Between," was the last song to be added to the album. It’s a song about Ballerini entering adulthood, but it wasn’t going to be on the album at first. She told Entertainment Weekly, "When I listened to the original 12 songs, I realized I wrote a lot about the two guys that had defined my last three years, but I hadn’t written a lot about myself – and I was the constant in all of it. That song was for me."

The 10th song off of the album, "Unapologetically," is a love song with a catchy beat because she thought the album needed at least one love song. The song is about her romance with her fiance, Morgan Evans, another country artist, who she will soon marry.

Even though "Unapologetically" is a country album, Ballerini has attracted a lot of fans who wouldn’t normally listen to country. Many people like to compare her music to Taylor Swift’s, as it has pop vibe to it, like Swift used to have in her country songs, and she has a similar story.

This album is a great one to listen to if you have gone through a similar experience like a terrible breakup, getting over it or finding true love who you love unapologetically.

Peyton Wagner is a freshman at Buffalo Seminary.


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