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Warm feelings surround the snowman mug

I’m not sure where I bought the snowman mug or when exactly it entered our home, but I do remember telling our then-young daughter these words: Every kid should have a snowman mug.

This mug was pretty much used for hot chocolate – topped with marshmallows, of course. We did not have a set of these mugs. Only one, and it was hers and hers alone.

After the snow melted, I would put it away for the season. Come fall, I would bring it back out again. It always made her smile knowing it was back.

Back then, as she and her friends played in the snow or skated on the backyard rink my husband built for several years, I would feel somewhat Norman Rockwell-ish as I made hot chocolate for the kids.

I would pull out the snowman mug for her and other colorful mugs for them.

In from outdoors they would come all rosy cheeked – jackets, hats and mittens dropped by the back door.

Thank goodness, the mug never broke – or even chipped.

The mug is now in her college dorm room. She didn’t take the mug covered with musical notes. She didn’t take the mug printed with the first letter of her name.

She took the snowman mug - even though she was packing in late August.

Doesn’t that say something?

Now whenever I see a snowman mug online or in stores, I think of all this.

Shown here, a few snowman mugs spotted this season:

Stoneware snowman mugs by local artist Catherine Gillespie, Chatham Pottery, ($32 each)

Snowman kids' mug from Williams-Sonoma, ($9.95 each or $39.95 for set of four).




Snowman mug from Pier 1, ($8.95, regular price).


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