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Letter: Evans leaders are taking advantage of their citizens

Evans leaders are taking advantage of their citizens

After raising taxes and fees over 20 percent the past two years, the Evans Town Board expects dancing in the streets since the tax increase for 2018 will “only” be 4.1 percent. At the public hearing, if you exclude town employees and residents belonging to organizations receiving taxpayer dollars, no one spoke in favor of exceeding the 2 percent tax cap for the third year in a row.

According to Wiki, males have a median income of $39,022 versus $26,698 for females. Seniors and others on fixed incomes, over half the town’s taxpayers, earn significantly less than the town employees whose paychecks their tax dollars fund. Evans taxpayers must tighten their belts while Town Hall makes few sacrifices. The Town Board’s argument that residents would rather have tax increases than cuts in services is a poor justification for not cutting spending.

Only raising taxes and borrowing money every year will not solve the town’s financial problems. Maybe it is time to amend state law to require towns like Evans that exceed the 2 percent tax cap more than one year in a row to put the proposed budget up for a public vote.

Somewhere along the line the Evans Town Board lost sight of the fact the members were elected to represent all Evans residents and not just town hall employees and the special interests.

Not addressing spending will require exceeding the 2 percent tax cap for the foreseeable future. Evans residents deserve better.

Edward G. Schneider III


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