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Lancaster Democrats lose one Town Board seat, cling to another

The race for the Lancaster Town Board could be a costly one for Democrats -- with incumbent John M. Abraham Jr. losing his seat and 16-year veteran Ronald Ruffino Sr. holding on by 19 votes.

Abraham fell short with 5,097 votes in the four-way race won by Republican Adam L. Dickman with 5,593 votes and Ruffino with 5,255 votes.

Republican Robert E. Leary trails by 19 votes and came in third.

"Lancaster is totally up in the air," said Ralph Mohr, an Erie County Elections Commissioner. "Those results could certainly change. Absentee ballots will be not be opened until Nov. 21."

Ruffino and Abraham ran on the Democratic, Working Families, Women’s Equality and Green lines. Ruffino also had the Independence line.

Dickman and Leary also ran on the Conservative and Reform lines. Dickman had the Independence line.

Democrats have a majority, 5-0, on the Town Board.

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