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John Murphy Show: Thurman Thomas says Bills need strong defense to make playoffs

Hall of Famer and Bills Wall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Wednesday.

Thomas talked about attending the Bedlam rivalry game between Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, his feelings on Drew Brees and the relationship Thomas has with the signal caller, and what Thomas sees as a key to the Bills getting to the playoffs.

Bills insider Chris Brown opened the show with his practice update — focusing on the return of Charles Clay and E.J. Gaines to the field after lengthy injuries, as well as Cordy Glenn's foot/ankle issues being exacerbated by two games in five days.

Offensive tackle Dion Dawkins also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about going back to the basics in technique and responding to the Jets loss, settling into the NFL, his respect for the coaching staff and acclimating to the NFL.

Audio from Tyrod Taylor's Wednesday press conference was played as well, focusing on Taylor's admiration for Drew Brees, if Taylor is ready for a shootout with the Saints and how Kelvin Benjamin can fit in the Bills' offense. LeSean McCoy's press conference audio was also featured, covering the Jets loss, looking forward to the Saints, his thoughts on Drew Brees and what McCoy said to Kelvin Benjamin when they met at One Bills Drive.


John Murphy Show — Nov. 8, 2017


Chris Brown on Charles Clay's return to field: "If he gets the green light for Sunday, I don't know if Bills fans should assume he'd be out there for 65 plays."

Tyrod Taylor on if he's ready for a shootout: "Definitely — this team that we're facing, the Saints are a talented offense and a very talented defense."

Tyrod Taylor on getting Kelvin Benjamin involved in the offense: "We have to find ways to give him opportunities to make plays. That's my job, that's Rico's job ... just gotta give him a chance — it's his ball or it's nobody's ball."

Tyrod Taylor on what the Benjamin move said to potential thoughts of tanking: "I think the outside perception is one thing, but from inside out we believe this team is capable of being one of the best Bills teams, and we have to prove it ... it definitely shows that they're serious about winning."

Tyrod Taylor on Jets game: "Thing is, we have to do is look at that game with an honest eye, and going forward we have to do better."

Thurman Thomas: "He's thrown the ball for 5,000 yards multiple times and Dan Marino's probably the only one to have done that ... truly a great player."

Thurman Thomas on how Brees overcomes his height: "Once he retires you'll hear more about being the first one in, last one out ... he knows how to read defenses ... and that goes into film study and having a coach like Sean Payton helps him a lot, too."

Thurman Thomas on what Bills need to do to get to playoffs: "I think it's the defense — they need to get back to sacking the quarterback ... need to put more pressure on the quarterback and like Bruce Smith used to say, 'you don't have to sack him, just have to pat him on the butt and get him moving.' "

Thurman Thomas on the difference in the Bills-Saints tilt: "We're at home, and that gives us the advantage ... this is definitely going to be a tough game for them."

Thurman Thomas: "The thing I like with Kelvin Benjamin is, he's not a speed guy, but he has an opportunity to catch the ball because he's 6'5!"

LeSean McCoy, looking back on Jets game and looking to Saints: "I was surprised, I really was. I always thought that had a good defense ... it's a loss, good thing is we're 5-3 ... it's a big challenge for us. Win this game we're 6-3 so we gotta just take care of business."

LeSean McCoy on meeting Kelvin Benjamin: "I said, 'hey man, happy to have you, but can you block?' ... if guys want to sell out for the run game, make one-on-one matchups and I like our chances."

LeSean McCoy on the 4-0 home record: "We gotta protect your home field, that's major."

Dion Dawkins: "It definitely started with hand placement, stuff like that, getting where they need to be with each block. I'm new, but I feel that game happened the way it was supposed to happen. From what I understand, this organization hasn't been used to winning ... no matter what they're not going to respect us. That's what the Bills are — we're a hard knock team that's going to beat you up for four quarters."

Dion Dawkins: "Every day it gets more comfortable, and with my play next to Richie and Cordy and notes from Wood ... I'm getting better."

Dion Dawkins, on hitting the rookie wall: "I guess I didn't hit it yet, because I'm wide awake and open ... I'm embracing it. I'm just extremely thankful for being here and for being in the NFL."


2:00-7:00: Chris Brown practice update

11:00-26:00: What's the biggest key to the Bills making the playoffs?

39:00-47:00: Audio from Tyrod Taylor's press conference

1:04:00-1:30:00: Interview with Thurman Thomas

1:37:00-1:43:00: LeSean McCoy audio

2:12:00-2:25:00: Interview with Dion Dawkins

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