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Delaware North, Sabres place two crazy foods in USA Today Top 10

Concocting the craziest concession is a constant challenge for arenas across the country, and Delaware North and the Buffalo Sabres have placed two inside USA Today's For the Win's Top 10 bizarre eats.

The cotton candy waffle cone, the featured item in Nick Veronica's wrap-up of the new menu items for the 2017-18 Sabres season, came in at No. 7, nudging the apple crumble pizza from the Ottawa Senators.

No. 2 on the list was The Enforcer, a meat-lover's delight that plops Buffalo chicken atop an Italian sausage, with blue cheese slaw and ancho-barbecue sauce. Veronica notes the "chef's signature" item has a satisfying kick.

While an argument could be made for flip-flopping the two on the list - building an ice cream cone out of cotton candy seems more magical than doubling up on meats - the latter is more suitable for consumption at a chilly hockey rink.

The enforcer, an Italian sausage with pulled chicken. (Nick Veronica/Buffalo News)

Delaware North, and its subsidiary Buffalo Sportservice, has been in control of the Sabres' concessions since 1970, more recently adding on the Bills' fare in 2008.

The Phoenix Suns' Triple Double - a gargantuan sandwich starring two beer-braut patties, beer-cheese sauce, caramelized onions and cider slaw on a toasted pretzel bun - comes in at No. 1. It would likely top the "Most Gluttonous" list, too.

Don't miss Veronica's three hot takes about the cotton candy waffle cone:

"First of all, this thing is massive. Like, almost too big for one person. I don’t even want to know what percentage of my daily sugar intake this consisted of – and that’s for a full-grown, athletic male, let alone a small child. Sharing is recommended.

Second of all, get napkins. I can see it already: A kid with eyes bigger than his stomach talks his parents into getting this, munches all the cotton candy away and then starts to lose attention, letting the ice cream drip all over his hands and possibly the person in front of him. (Luckily there’s a big ice surface nearby to slow the rate of melting and buy your kiddo – or, who are we kidding, yourself – some time.)

Lastly, maybe grab spoons before returning to your seats. This is a lot for one person, both in terms of size and caloric intake, but it might be perfect for sharing. Get two spoons and split this with your significant other."

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