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[BN] Blitz newsletter: The Bills' takeaway 'luck' didn't run out

The Bills have been one of the best teams in the league this season at creating takeaways, and they lead the NFL in turnover margin. But last week against the Jets, the Bills lost three fumbles while failing to force a turnover.

Did last Thursday's loss signal the end of their turnover "luck"?

Nonsense, Vic Carucci wrote. He sees the Bills continuing their success creating takeaways in the second half of the season.

Playoff odds: Three different projection websites say the Bills' playoff odds are about 50-50 at the halfway point. Bills fans would've signed up for that, right?

Five things to know about the New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees and the Saints come to town this week riding a six-game winning streak. How do their wins compare to the Bills' wins?

Ticket price watch: Bills tickets are reasonable as the 6-2 Saints come to town.

Breaking down the play action deep cross: This is a play that that beats Cover 2 or Cover 3 and can have success against man as well. Two outside receivers take their corners up the sideline while a receiver or tight end slips behind the linebackers and into a hole in the zone coverage.


Updates on underrated 2018 NFL Draft prospects: Maybe you haven't heard of these players, but they might fit well with the Bills come April.

Trivia: How many times have the Bills lost the season opener and still made the playoffs?

Watch: Vic Carucci previews Bills vs. Saints on WGRZ.

Fans speak: They give McDermott & Co. a high approval rating in the midterms.

Podcast: Handing out midseason awards.

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