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Niagara County election results

Nov. 7 Niagara County general election results:

*County Legislature

2nd District (vote one)

Fred M. Newlin II D-WF 886

Rebecca J. Wydysh (i) R-C-G-I-REF 1548

6th District (vote one)

Dennis F. Virtuoso (i) D-C-WF-I 1186

Jeffrey Flach R 511

7th District (vote one)

Adam C. Dickey D-WF 1304

Kathryn L. Lance (i) R-C-I 1546

Random Stevenson G 33

8th District (vote one)

David R. Fingerlow Jr. D 836

Richard L. Andres Jr. (i) R-C-G-WF-I 1457

9th District (vote one)

Edward A. Smolinski D-I 1893

Randy R. Bradt (i) R-C-G-WF 2009

13th District (vote one)

Robert K. Drury D 1041

W. Keith McNall (i) R-C-WF-I 1655

*Niagara Falls

Councilman (vote for 3)

William D. Kennedy II D-G-WF-WE 3963

Andrew P. Touma (i) D-C-G-WF-I 3836

Kristen M. Grandinetti (i) D-WF 2439

Robert Pascoal R-C-I 3146

Christopher P. Voccio R-C-I 3688

Samuel F. Archie R 2514

*City of Lockport

2nd Ward (vote one)

Anita Mullane (i) D-WF 451

Amanda E. Farrell R-C-I 583

3rd Ward (vote one)

Mark S. Devine (i) D-R-WF 412

Rikki Cason C-I 119

4th Ward (vote one)

Roxanne M. Devine D-WF 299

David R. Wohleben (i) R-C-I 384

5th Ward (vote one)

Michelle M. Roman D-WF-WE-REF 417

Richard E. Abbott (i) R-C-G-I 502

*North Tonawanda

Mayor (vote one)

James K. McGinniss D-WF-WE 3166

Arthur G. Pappas (i) R-C-G-I 3963

Alderman at Large (vote one)

Austin J. Tylec D-WF-I-WE 4065

Jeffrey M. Glatz (i) R-C-G 3001

Alderman (vote one)

1st Ward

Sean Z. Polen D-WF-WE-REF 1092

Mark D. Berube (i) R-C-G-I 1195

2nd Ward

Peter E. Smolisnki D-WF 822

Donna L. Braun (i) R-C-G-I 889

3rd Ward

Joanne M. DalPorto D-WF-WE 1413

Eric M. Zadzilka (i) R-C-G-I 1497


Councilman (2-year unexpired term) (vote one)

David S. Hill R-Freedom 424

Brian D. Gross C-I 193


Councilman (vote for 2)

Francis C. Flanagan D-WF-WE 1695

John O. Jacoby Jr. D-WF-WE 1847

Alfonso M. Bax (i) R-C-I 1934

Victor E. Eydt R-C-I 1748

*Town of Niagara

Councilman (vote for 2)

Marc M. Carpenter (i) D-R-C-WF-I 1015

Charles F. Teixeira (i) D-I 764

Donald E. Schildhauer R-C 501


Supervisor (vote one)

James A. Riester D-Pendleton Tax Cutter 774

Joel M. Maerten (i) R-C-G-WF-I-WE 1104

Councilman (vote for 2)

Allen R. Vaillancourt D-Pendleton Tax Cutter 713

David I. Fischer (i) R-C-G-WF-I-WE 1146

Justin M. Graham R-C-G-WF-I-WE 1396


Councilman (vote for 2)

Timothy S. Adamson R-C-I 1212

Irene M. Myers R-C-I 1144

William P. Suitor One Majority 466



Janet M. Hoffman D 564

Doyle H. Phillips (i) R-C-I 869

All Results are unofficial

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