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Letter: Try to remember why we have Thanksgiving

Try to remember why we have Thanksgiving

Remember when Thanksgiving was a major American holiday? Me neither. Sure, there’s the big parade, the dog show and plenty of football games to watch on TV, but as soon as those programs cut to their commercials, a swarm of ads attack the audience with “incredible Black Friday deals” from almost every store, car dealer and manufacturer imaginable. Some will even start their campaigns as early as Halloween, and offer their “mind-blowing discounts” all month long, including on Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having a day dedicated to saving some money on a store’s best products. But when there are shoppers camping outside the front door of a shop in freezing cold weather instead of spending time with family on Thanksgiving, there’s a problem.

Thanksgiving is meant to symbolize the struggles the pilgrims endured in the 1600s, and how their friendships with the local natives greatly strengthened their chances of survival in America. It’s not a holiday we should just look forward to for the days off of work or school, or one we should call “Black Friday Eve.” It’s one we should be genuinely glad to have because, ultimately, it had a major impact on the birth of our nation.

If you are an excessive Black Friday shopper, please tone it down a bit, save some room for some more pumpkin pie and consider shopping online during Cyber Monday instead.

Brendan Limburg


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