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Letter: Consider other actions to make boulevard safer

Consider other actions to make boulevard safer

Before they spend all that money for street lighting on Niagara Falls Boulevard, there are a few other things that might help solve the problem of erratic vehicular activity and pedestrian injuries and deaths. The first and easiest solution is to lower (and enforce) the speed limit from 45 to 30-35 mph from the Thruway to Robinson Road. As it stands now, everyone speeds on that stretch.

Number two: Installing a traffic light in front of the new Holiday Inn would be prudent planning and excellent for traffic control and pedestrians crossing the boulevard. Number three: Time all those traffic lights on that stretch of highway. Number four: Set those turn arrows to stay on longer. They are erratic in their duration and present a danger to traffic and pedestrians.

It’s a dangerous situation at the intersection of the boulevard and Ellicott Creek Road, North and South, the entrance to Ellicott Creek Park and pedestrians and bikers crossing the boulevard to enter the bike path. Then, possibly add street lights, though I doubt they would be needed.

Mark Neupert


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