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John Murphy Show: Trey Wingo discussed what Kelvin Benjamin brings to the Bills

ESPN host Trey Wingo joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Tuesday, going on a tour around the league going into week 10 of the NFL.

Wingo discussed what Kelvin Benjamin brings to the Bills, how the rest of the league has looked going into week 10 of the season, the vulnerability of the Patriots' hold on a one seed, the underrated brilliance of Drew Brees and what a balanced Saints offense brings to Buffalo.

Bills Wall of Famer and CBS analyst Steve Tasker joined in his weekly segment to dissuade the melancholy that hit One Bills Drive post-Jets loss, the unusual nature of the Bills' schedule, the importance of players being self aware of their position on the team - and how to hold that spot, who to watch out for in the second half of the season as a threat to Buffalo getting into the playoffs, and the ethics of pre-production meeting chats with coaches.

Tasker also discussed the balance between a locker room of pure "locker room guys" and the talent needed to get into the NFL elite, the importance of getting healthy as it gets late in the season, and the Charles Clay / Kelvin Benjamin dynamic once they're both active and healthy.

New running back Travaris Cadet also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about how he kept busy after being cut by the Jets, his journey through several schools to the NFL, how a benching in junior college woke him up, his transition from quarterback to receiver and finally to running back at Appalachian State and his time in New Orleans.


John Murphy Show November 7th, 2017


Travaris Cadet: "On the weekend, didn't have a car, didn't have money, so when I got bored I worked out...the only thing you could do is think about life, what you're doing wrong or perfect your craft."

Donald Jones: "These next four games determine if games in December are meaningful."

Steve Tasker, on a prime time loss: "It cuts a wide swath through people who know you and love you...your phone blows up with texts."

Steve Tasker: "I think it's telling that the front seven, not getting much pressure - don't have a guy that's a double digit sack guy...the focus of the defense has been turnovers and guys in the secondary. I agree Micah Hyde's the guy in the secondary."

Steve Tasker, on caller thoughts Travaris Cadet being pumped for Saints information: "I don't think there's a concerted effort to sign a guy and sit him in front of a bright light and say, 'alright, spill it'."

Steve Tasker: "It's obvious and you can tell from the team they've put a big emphasis on "locker room guys"...that is not a new concept, other teams have, generally when you do that, you get a lot of guys that can't play...there's no question you're going to need some great set apart athletes to come in and contribute."

Steve Tasker: "I have always felt that you need a shortened menu of plays that you can run against anyone at any time...I would suspect maybe they don't have that — with the move from the zone blocking, one cut to a gap blocking scheme...they got some work to do."

Steve Tasker, on Drew Brees' release: "The faster the ball gets out, the shorter the routes are going to be — and the more you can jump routes...I like making the quarterback throw on time and you gotta be ready for it and jump the route."

Donald Jones, on Kelvin Benjamin's technique: "He knows how to stack the dbs - what you do is, as soon as you get by, you get back into his hip pocket so the quarterback has the space to throw the ball...he does a very good job at stacking."

Trey Wingo: "Obviously they're in a position to do what they haven't done since 1999, which is make the playoffs...and then they get smoked by a Jets team 34-21...If I'm a Bills fan I'm a little disheartened, however that's tempered by the idea they picked someone up that can help them at the trade deadline in Kelvin Benjamin."

Trey Wingo: "The most important thing is you have to believe both Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott know what they're they believe they can get the best Kelvin Benjamin there is going."

Trey Wingo, on Saints this year: "The one thing that makes them a better outdoor team this year is the running game...Mark Ingram, despite the couple of fumbles, is an explosive, powerful runner and then you have Kamara...the difference in this Saints team as opposed to years past is that they're a much more balanced team on offense."


0:00-13:00: Who has been the defensive MVP of the team at the halfway point of the season?

14:00-16:00: Leslie Frazier audio on Drew Brees

35:00-50:00: Interview with Travaris Cadet

1:06:00-1:35:00: Interview with Wall of Famer/CBS' Steve Tasker

1:41:00-1:50:00: Donald Jones' "Nuts and Bolts" segment with a focus on Kelvin Benjamin

2:03:00-2:20:00: Interview with ESPN's Trey Wingo

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