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You Should Be Watching: 'Through the Wormhole'

If you have questions about the universe, then satisfy your curiosity by binge-watching Through the Wormhole. With excellent visuals and interviews, and with Morgan Freeman as your guide, Through the Wormhole offers lively scientific programming.

Title: Through the Wormhole

Year it began: 2010

Where it can be seen: Science Channel; Amazon; Hulu

Who’s in it: Morgan Freeman

Typical episode length: 42 minutes

Number of episodes to date: 58

Brief plot description: Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the show explores various scientific matters. With each episode organized around a question, the show uses interviews with scientists, illustrative video, and computer graphics to show viewers a range of possible scientific answers.

Why it’s worth watching: Now in its seventh season, Through the Wormhole is a consistently engaging science show that stands out by being as interested in questions as in answers. Whereas some science shows mostly deliver well-settled knowledge while only occasionally venturing into the unknown, Through the Wormhole grounds each episode in an overarching question and features scientists who are actively investigating the issues at hand. Viewers still get explanations of the basic science required to pursue these questions, often voiced by scientific luminaries such as Sean Carroll or Michio Kaku, but Through the Wormhole also leaves space for many lesser-known but equally interesting researchers. Morgan Freeman lends both dignity and enthusiasm to the proceedings. Freeman takes part in much of the show’s visual storytelling and provides a powerful narrative voice that conveys both the seriousness and wonder of scientific inquiry. Dramatically linking everyday curiosity with scientific endeavor, the show often stages Freeman remembering a childhood experience that dovetails with the subject of the show: both the young Freeman and today’s scientists wonder about such questions as whether time travel is possible, what nothing actually is, and whether the universe had a creator. While the show covers such standard scientific fare as black holes and the big bang theory, as well as somewhat edgier questions as whether alternate universes exist or whether the universe itself is alive, the show occasionally risks such truly controversial material as bringing a scientific lens to topics such as race, terrorism, and evil. In each episode, Freeman’s steady narrative voice speaks directly to our wondering inner self as we watch and listen to cutting-edge scientific exploration.

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