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Some special, unscripted Russert moments on 'Meet the Press' anniversary

You knew that the late Tim Russert would get some prominent mentions and highlights during the 70th anniversary program of NBC's "Meet the Press" Sunday.

But there were a couple of unscripted moments that had to bring smiles to some fans of the late South Buffalo legend.

During Chuck Todd's interview with Buffalo native Thomas E. Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Perez accidentally referred to the moderator as "Tim."

Perez caught himself quickly.

Chuck Todd carries on Tim Russert's legacy ... with a Buffalo assist

"I'm thinking of Tim Russert because I'm a Buffalo guy," said Perez.

Todd, who was hired by Russert years before Todd became the "MTP" moderator, added "a lot of us are" when Perez said he was thinking of Russert.

At program's end, Tom Brokaw, one of Russert's closest friends, said he wore a special tie "designed by Vineyard Vines after we lost Tim Russert."

Brokaw said Lawrence Spivak and Russert are considered the two founders of "Meet the Press" and added Russert "reinvented" the program and "made it must-see television."

Then Brokaw explained the tie featured "the Capitol, the Buffalo Bills and he fished up in Nantucket," which led Brokaw to end by cracking Russert "was the most unlikely fisherman I've ever known."

Brokaw didn't mention it but you could also see Russert's initials – TJR – on the tie.


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