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Letter: Simple common sense can prevent accidents

Simple common sense can prevent accidents

I traverse Niagara Falls Boulevard almost daily. The other day, I was in utter amazement when I saw a person actually using a crosswalk. Cars were stopped at the red light and the white “walk” signal indicator was even illuminated.

The irony is that daily I see people crossing in the middle of the block. The other day, I saw a young woman jutting between stopped cars, looking down at the street, pushing a baby carriage with one hand and holding a cellphone to her ear with the other. Her chosen crossing location was a mere 50 feet away from one of the newly installed lighted crossings.

A recent letter proposed pedestrian priority traffic light cycles. What a ludicrous idea. Sure, let’s increase the traffic congestion! That’s just a bandage that does not solve the root cause of the problem. Like they say, “you can’t fix stupid.” Well, you can’t legislate personal responsibility either.

Years ago, when I was in grammar school, I was taught to walk facing traffic, cross at the corner, look both ways, etc. Maybe in lieu of “common core,” schools should be teaching life skills again.

James Seufert


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