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Letter: It is time to replace leaders of the BMHA

It is time to replace leaders of the BMHA

The News article that mentions the bedbug issue at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority is systemic. The mission statement of the BMHA is to provide clean, safe and affordable housing. It seems that it has struck out. This is only one instance of the neglect by the BMHA executive staff and the new board. To let a 91-year-old woman live in these conditions is deplorable. Between bedbugs, roaches and rats, the extermination policy is nonexistent.

The first order of business should have been to fire both Executive Director Dawn Sanders-Garrett and Assistant Director Modesto Candelario. Just a short month ago, the mailman at Marine Drive refused to bring mail because of roaches. Now it’s Spectrum Cable that refuses for the same reason. That shows the concern for the health and safety of residents.

I have to commend Councilman Richard Fontana. Where are the others who really are concerned about the BMHA paying the $4.2 million it owes to the city? Last year, a World War II veteran almost lost his home on Humboldt Parkway over owed taxes. What about him?

This BMHA executive staff has a track record of misconduct, mismanagement and incompetence. These problems never existed when the BMHA had its own exterminators who had a regular routine. Executives would rather hire some politically connected service that can’t do the job.

The mayor changed the board but left the problem. Start looking for a competent executive and assistant who put the residents first.

Joe Mascia

Former BMHA commissioner


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