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John Murphy Show:Kelvin Benjamin talks about his ease with the trade from Carolina

MMQB's Andrew Brandt joined John Murphy and Donald Jones on WGR-550 AM on Monday.

Brandt chatted about the impending issues with Roger Goodell's contract, the trades last week, the potential issues of teams hoarding cap space, what Brandt sees coming out of the Kaepernick lawsuit and a look around the league.

New wideout Kelvin Benjamin also joined Murphy and Jones, and he talked about his ease with the trade from Carolina, his view of the Bills, and what he feels he brings to the organization. Benjamin also discussed critiques on his route running and getting open, what he likes about his new quarterback and the importance of jump balls to his game.

Bills insider Chris Brown updated the crew on his top 5 things learned piece he has coming on, his view of Tyrod Taylor's maturity, the issues the offense has with slow starts, recovering from the Jets loss and why Kelvin Benjamin is such an integral piece going forward for the offense.


John Murphy Show November 6th 2017


Kelvin Benjamin, on claims he can't get open: "I mean, no disrespect, I don't got is all angles and leverage."

Kelvin Benjamin, on what Beane sees in him: "I think they know what I bring to field...but more importantly to the locker room."

Kelvin Benjamin: "I'm excited for the change - 1st the west coast offense and expanding my knowledge."

Kelvin Benjamin, on Tyrod Taylor: "I like him, man. He's got the floaters I like."

John Murphy: "I'm not going to say that Carolina is falling apart, but you wonder if things changed dramatically since their Super Bowl."

Sean McDermott, on the trade for Kelvin Benjamin: "A team is made up of more than just one guy."

Andrew Brandt, on the flurry of trades last week: "What happened last week I chalk up to relationships."

Andrew Brandt, on the approach of the Elliott legal team: "Maybe the strategy is delay-delay-delay and maybe win."

Andrew Brandt: "Teams are getting away with murder, taking 40 million dollars in cap room into next year[s]."

Chris Brown, on Tyrod Taylors' maturity: "I think - and I don't have the analytics to back this up - I think he's made plays more consistently from the pocket, especially in these last three games, than any other time in his career."

Chris Brown: "He has found the happy medium between using his legs to keep the team in manageable down and distance...and staying in the pocket to make plays there too."

Chris Brown: "The Bills average 28 points a game at home, and a shade over 15 on the road...we're talking a two touchdown difference guys."


6:00-12:00: Who is the offensive MVP so far for the Bills?

12:00-16:00: Who can knock the Bills out of a playoff spot?

23:00-25:00: Audio from Monday's Sean McDermott press conference - focusing on learning from loss

53:00-56:00: McDermott audio on Kelvin Benjamin

1:04:00-1:23:00: Interview with MMQB's Andrew Brandt

1:30:00-1:43:00: Interview with Kelvin Benjamin

2:04:00-2:23:00: Interview with Bills Insider Chris Brown

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