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Richie Incognito not backing down from criticism of Thursday night games

Bills guard Richie Incognito figured he would get some heat for his postgame comments after the Bills lost to the Jets in which he said Thursday Night Football was "completely unfair" and "bull---."

Incognito had more to say the morning after the game and acknowledged he has felt that way all along about Thursday games and was not making excuses for the Bills' poor performance.

"I feel like dog----, but I had a rough go,” Incognito told Friday morning. “I had to take some painkillers for my ankle (before the game) and then I got motion sick on the flight home. I got home at 2:45 a.m. and I couldn’t get to sleep, so I laid in bed until 6 a.m. So yeah, I’m working on three hours of sleep. That’s it. The short week got me. Short Week 1, Richie Incognito 0.

“And I do acknowledge the fact that I sound like a whiny b----. My phone’s been blowing up this morning — ‘Why you pouting about Thursday?’ ...  Just give me seven days to prepare for the Jets!”

He noted that the focus on player safety is "thrown out the window" when players are asked to play Sunday afternoon and then turn around and play again a few days later, without the proper preparation or time for injuries to heal up.

 “You get to the Thursday game, and even the healthy guys, it’s just, ‘f---, let’s just get through this,’ " he said. "And coaches don’t know whether to practice you or not practice you. It’s the struggle of, ‘Do we walk through, do we practice? Did we get enough looks? Is our gameplan too simple?’ It’s a nightmare.”

Sully's Mailbag: Thursday night NFL games have to go

Incognito noted that mentality leads to a bad brand of football. And he thinks it's another point in the argument that the overall television ratings decline is because of too much football on TV.

“It’s money off the table on one end,” he said. “But that’s a double-edged sword. We’re experiencing a ratings decline, and it’s oversaturation of football. Take the Thursday slate away, put it all on Sunday. Yeah, they made a nice little TV package out of it, obviously they’re making a ton of money for it, and in reality it’s probably not going anywhere. So yeah, there’s probably no solution to this. I’m just saying that as a player, as a competitor, as someone that has to do this, it’s just a b----.”

Asked about Incognito's comments Friday, Bills coach Sean McDermott stayed out of the fray.

"I’m just focused on, really, our football team," he said. "They had the same time to prepare that we did and that’s really what I’m focused on, is how we handled things and how we can get better. That’s in every area of our football team."

By the end of the night Friday, though, Incognito had posted on Instagram that "sometimes you have to accept that your best effort isn't good enough."

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