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Letter: Political cartoons are not the same as comics

Political cartoons are not the same as comics

Eighty-plus days and counting are the number this president has spent at one of his own properties, be they hotels, resorts or golf courses. Four servicemen were killed in Niger and it took this president 12 days to even acknowledge those deaths.

Regarding a recent letter about an editorial cartoon by Jeff Danziger depicting the president holding a golf club behind his back while standing over a casket, the writer asked if The News found this humorous. The writer missed the point. It was not intended to be humorous. Comics are for the funny pages, but political cartoons are on the opinion pages. Danziger conveyed his point succinctly in calling out this president for the disrespectful manner in which he mishandled honoring these servicemen’s deaths.

In addition, this president continues to disrespect the Fourth Estate’s guaranteed freedom of the press.

He continues to disrespect the oath of office he swore to uphold under the Constitution, and even members of his own party are calling him out with his debasing behavior of the office. The News needs to continue to print divergent opinions and political cartoons.

Deanne Plonka


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